Xplocial Review – Why Most People Don’t Make Money

By | June 23, 2014

Chances are you are here because someone shared with you Xplocial or maybe you saw an ad on Facebook about this opportunity. Well, I’m going to be brutally honest with you in this Xplocial review and tell you everything you need to know about this income opportunity and my personal opinion on this program.


Before we jump into why I decided not to promote this opportunity let’s talk about the company and exactly what the Xplocial products are and everything else.

Xplocial is a company started by Larry Marcus, Larry is a veteran of the network marketing industry with years of experience and also has had success building teams in different MLM programs in the past. He decided to start Xplocial because he said that there was not a lot of success in the traditional MLM programs out there.

Xplocial Products & Services

Xplocial has 2 main memberships, the first one is called the Gold membership and the other one is the Platinum membership. They have additional products but let’s focus on those two. The Gold level is $29 per month and keep it mind Xplocial pays 100% commissions on both the Gold and Platinum memberships. The Platinum level is $100 per month, if you decide to get both it’s about $130 per month plus an affiliate fee of $24.95 per month in order to resell the memberships and earn 100% commissions from any of those 2 memberships. In the memberships you get access to all-Inclusive vacation getaway packages & certificates, luxury cruise packages, shopping discounts and more.

Xplocial Compensation Plan

The Xplocial compensation plan pays 100% commissions on the Gold and Platinum memberships, the company makes money via a $24.95 affiliate fee which basically is needed if you want to earn money from the compensation plan. This program utilizes a pass-up compensation plan. In other words when you get started with Xplocial, the first, third, and sixth person you sponsor will be passed up to your upline.

Now 100% commissions sound really good but here’s the reality. Most people on average are only able to refer 2-3 people, most people lack the marketing skills to properly advertise the business offline and online.

The brutal truth about Xplocial

The truth is the number one factor that I believe is also the biggest problem with Xplocial is duplication. Because of the way the compensation plan is setup you are not rewarded for helping your referrals (downline) to make money, you can refer as many people as you want and the more you refer the more money you can make. However, 90% of the time your upline will give you some training that doesn’t really help you and most people can’t duplicate what their upline is doing.

Duplication is the key to a solid long term network marketing business, I had a similar experience with another 100% commission program and the biggest issue I noticed is that people were not motivated to help their downline, they simply wanted to refer more and more personal referrals yet their downline was struggling to get signups. Many of the big leaders end up replacing the people that quit each month.

This is not a sustainable business model and one of the main reasons why I decided to only work with opportunities where you are rewarded for helping your team. If you focus on helping your team make money they will not quit but if you are the only CAT that is making money and 90% of your team members can’t replicate what you are doing then that’s a business I don’t want to promote.

But, again this is just my personal opinion and I encourage you to keep doing your research and make your own conclusions. In the meantime if you want to learn about my #1 top recommended business opportunity click here..


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