What Robert Kiyosaki, Brian Tracy & Bob Proctor All Have in Common..

By | September 12, 2014

Let me ask you a question..When you need medical advise do you go to a doctor or your mechanic?

It only makes sense to see a professional doctor who might have the credibility, knowledge and experience to help you with whatever health issues you might have. What’s curious is that most people ask for advised on money and business from people who are in financial troubles. The same applies to the network marketing industry, you often hear your cousin, uncle or friends saying things like:

  • That’s a pyramid scheme, don’t waste your time..
  • No one makes money in those, it’s a scam..
  • Only a percentage of people make money in those…

The reason is simple, they don’t have a clue what network marketing actually is. In fact 98% of society is used to getting a paycheck. Very few people know the power of having control of your income and being able to decide how much you want to make. Most people want a steady paycheck while millionaires are always working without a paycheck.

In fact in an interview conducted by Eric Worre a network marketing professional he asked Robert Kiyosaki what he thought about the network marketing industry and below you can watch his response:

No why would an investor, real estate expert and success coach like Robert Kiyosaki not only endorse the network marketing industry but also say that working for a paycheck is the “worst thing created by man”.

The truth is the network marketing industry offers one thing “POSSIBILITIES”. It offers an opportunity to average individuals to take a proven system that has worked for others to go out there and utilize tools, resources and training to developed your personal skills and work hard to achieve the level of success you want.

Do you know why McDonalds is one of the most successful franchise systems in the world?

Because they have a proven system, they offer the training, resources and guidance needed knowing the concept has worked for others. Yet opening a McDonalds restaurant can cost more than 1 million dollars and there are no guarantees of anything. But if you don’t have a million dollars to open a proven franchise your best place to start where you have MORE leverage and less EXPENSES would be via the network marketing industry.

Success is there ONLY for those who put the work and follow the formula, if you do what other successful people are doing eventually you’ll also reach the same level of success, the question is are you willing to make the sacrifices?

Listen to what Brian Tracy has to say about that:

The reality is that most people ONLY wish for success or WISH to make money yet they never take any action. They end up working 60+ years and never follow their dreams because ignorance is the one thing that can keep you broke for life. Bob Proctor who was in the popular movie “The Secret” often talks about why most people are not happy, the reason is because people go through life without a purpose. If you don’t have a reason to get up in the morning and smile you need to stop, examine your life and make the changes necessary from now on.

But don’t listen to me, here’s Bob Proctor:

Now these are only a few of the many successful business men and women who not only endorse network marketing but they also recommend it because it’s the best platform for the average guy to start from nothing and turn it into something that can change your life and the lives of thousands of people you help.

Hopefully in this post if you are in network marketing and working for your dream you know feel better about your efforts and why you are on the right path.

Have an awesome day…

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