Tsu Review – The Next Big Social Network? Not Really…

By | October 28, 2014

Perhaps you have received an invitation already to Tsu.co which claims to be the next thing in the social network space. Well, this Tsu review will give you the other side of the coin and we are going to discuss mainly if you should consider wasting your time on it.


The concept behind Tsu.co

Tsu claims that they are the first social network that is designed to reward users for their activity and personal network. Companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are all built around user activity. These are billion dollar companies that are user driven, the more people that use these platforms the more money and valuable they become.

Which is what happened to Facebook currently with over 1 billion members. Tsu uses a referral link in order to reward those who invite members to the network. The following statement is directly from their website.

tsū gives you the ability to onboard your audience by removing ourselves from the sign-up process. Everyone has their own member short code, which is the door to their network.

You cannot signup for tsu without a direct invitation or referral link. The network basically allows you to earn based on how big your network is and also their activity level. As of writing this review membership is free, there seems no plans of adding fees however tsu claims that it will share 90% of revenue with it’s users and with only 10% left it’s hard to imagine how they will maintain a site with thousands of users and the massive costs that it requires to maintain and run a social network.

They’ll pay users based on activity, ad revenue, sponsorships and how big the network. But if you expect to make thousands from your activity I’m sorry to crush your dreams but it will simply not work that way. You will need massive amounts of activity and a huge network in order to make any money which brings me to my next point.

You cannot forced people to use something online

The only real incentive tsu offers is the ability to earn revenue, that’s it. Remember what happened to Myspace? It was bought and completely ruined, people moved to Facebook and made it the biggest social network on the internet.

Google attempted to replicate Facebook’s success by creating Google+ and believe it or not Google+ had better privacy options, more features and flexibilities than Facebook yet no one was using it. Google was literally forcing people to create Google+ accounts in order to use some of their services like Gmail and YouTube. Yet, they were still unable to do it.

What can we learn from this?

People use what they want to use, the success of any user driven website is based on the amount of people using it. TSU basically is telling you to join and you’ll be able to earn revenue, but REAL advertisers, the big dogs that actually spend millions of dollars don’t like to spend money on places where users are rewarded for doing actions.

A good example are paid to click sites where users are paid 0.1 for clicking on advertisers website. Those members don’t really care about the offers being advertised, only about earning their 1 cent per click. Advertisers know that websites with organic activity are the best places to advertise. In regards to TSU I honestly would say that if you do decide to use it do it because you join the platform and not because of the “possibility” of earning a few dollars.

And if you truly are looking for a social network where you can earn money consider YouTube or Vine. There are hundreds of people who started making simple videos on those 2 platforms and are now making a living from it. With Facebook I personally know people who earn 6 figures a year on Facebook alone so the idea that your content on social networks doesn’t pay is completely not true.

You can make money from Facebook, Twitter and any social network if you learn to use it for that person but the majority of people use it to stay connected with friends and family and share a piece of their lives, which should be the main focus of a social network.

I hope you enjoy my review.



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