Team Money Maker Review – Red Flags Everywhere…

By | July 30, 2014

Okay, so the other day this random person on my friend list decided to send me a message about this website called and how it was going viral. I decided to put this Team Money Maker review together hopefully to give you my perspective on this program so you can make your own conclusions.


Let’s talk about the obvious things first, what the hell is this Team Money Maker?

Well, according to their website is Team Money Maker which is a network for people where you can earn up to 1 million dollars. As soon as I read that sentence I knew this was not for me. You see when you put claims like that in the front of your website you are asking for trouble or you simply don’t care and you know exactly what you are doing.

The online marketing industry has some very tough and strict regulations about what income claims can be done online. Saying you can earn up to 1 million dollars is very dangerous for a business that claims they want to be a “long term project”

Seriously, look at the screenshot below:

Team Money Maker Review

Red Flag #1: This brings me to my first point, no income disclaimer anywhere on the site. As of writing this review the site has no income disclaimer and with claims that you can make a million dollars they better add one fast.

Red Flag #2: While investigating the domain registration you learn that most of the information about who is behind this program is private, you never want to get started with a business that hides their contact information.

Team Money Maker Products..

Well, the entry point to get your first position in the matrix is $25, for those $25 you get banner advertising and text advertising. No mentions of any additional products or services. In fact even in the menu bar of the website there are no details about their service or the value, which brings me to my next point.

Red Flag #3: Completely focused on the money side of the program, there’s not even a page dedicated to explain the products or the “advertising” you receive for your $25. But there are 3 pages dedicated to the income side of the program.

Team Money Maker Compensation Plan

Well, basically you get for one time payment of $25, you get placed in a 3×6 forced matrix where you can get spillover from your sponsor. You refer 3 people and you make $75, $50 from that is used to upgrade you to the next position and the cycle continues. Payments are made member to member.

From the few review videos I found talking about this program I saw a clear pattern, people who are promoting this are clearly in it to make fast cash. It looks like a money game where basically people are sending each other money and there’s little to almost no mention of the product or service being purchased.

Red Flag #4: Clearly a money game, people are pushing this knowing that this is a money game and the product “advertising” is just an excuse to send each other money.

Of course there will always be people who will make money in these deals, but do ask yourself a question do you want to put your reputation and credibility on something like this just to make a quick buck?

In conclusion

Do I recommend Team Money Maker? If you don’t care about anything that I just mentioned in this review and you want to make a quick buck give it a go. If you are professional network marketer or you have experience in the network marketing space I suggest you stay away from it and find something else with real products and real value.

I will not say is a scam because I don’t know if the people behind this program have good intentions but did a poor job with the product and legal side of the program. Hopefully they do get the issues fix, add real valuable products and become a legitimate opportunity not just a quick money game. I will try to update my review as time goes by and I learn more about the program.

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