Social Lead Freak Review – Powerful Facebook Targeting Software

By | November 24, 2014


Facebook is doing everything they can to compete with the BIG Google Adwords, that’s good news for us internet marketers because the more competition between the big boys the more tools and resources we’ll have to promote products and services. When it comes to Facebook Ads as of now you can create ads and target anyone based on age, location, sex, interest and likes. However sometimes the information can be limited in terms of finding the “perfect prospects”

This is why if you do any type of paid marketing on Facebook you need this software called Social Lead Freak, it can help you create extremely targeted audiences that you can extract from Facebook groups, events, pages and more. But most important it allows you to create targeted audiences based on their activity on a specific group or page. This software is a must have for all Facebook marketers out there. In the video below I break down all the features and how you can use Social Lead Freak to not only lower your cost per actions but also increase your ROI.

Watch the video below for detailed inside review on everything Social Lead Freak offers and how this powerful software works:

As you can see the possibilities are endless with Social Lead Freak and if you decide to grab a copy of this powerful software today I’ll throw my ebook for free as a bonus. Click here to grab your copy of Social Lead Freak right now…

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