Skinny Body Care Review – Why I Didn’t Join

By | July 24, 2014

If you are here most likely you already heard about Skinny Body Care and the Skinny Fiber product. I decided to put this Skinny Body Care review to give you an idea of what exactly this business is and whether or not is for you.

Let’s talk about who’s behind this company first, Skinny Body Care was founded in 2010 by Ben Glinsky who believes it can eliminate the need for a corporate office. Basically they are a true work from home company, they have employees but they don’t have a traditional corporate office. The good news is that since they been around since 2010 they have managed to survived, most network marketing companies don’t make it past the 5 year mark.

Skinny Fiber

Skinny Body Care has one product called Skinny Fiber, this product is advertised on the company’s website as a “natural weight management pill.” Now what makes Skinny Fiber different from other “magic weight loss” pills is that the product is a proprietary blend that contains the Brazilian herb, Chá De Bugre and the dietary soluble fiber called, Glucomannan. It’s designed to make you feel full and so as a result you eat less. Now keep in mind these claims have not been approved by the FDA and just like any weight loss product it’s selling point is mostly based on the testimonials from users.

I can’t tell you whether the product works or not because I haven’t try the product and honestly I don’t need to since I believe diet and exercise is enough. For some reason people tend to look for quick solutions instead of choosing to workout and eat right.

Skinny Body Care also has another product called “Ageless” which basically is a skin care product. But let’s focus on their main product which is the Skinny Fiber. If you are wondering what will be the cost of one bottle of Skinny Fiber it would be around $69.95 plus shipping.

Skinny Body Care Compensation Plan

A lot of people that I have seen promoting this opportunity honestly don’t care about the product, they talk about how great the compensation plan is and forget to talk about their products. The company offers 8-different ways to get paid via their compensation plan. From Fast Start Bonuses, Training Bonuses, Retail Bonuses, Rank Advancement Bonuses and additional ways but you mainly get paid via a 3×8 Forced Matrix.

Skinny Body Care offers 3 different packages for anyone who wishes to make money with this opportunity as a distributor:

  • As a regular distributor you need to pay a $10 fee and purchase at least 1 bottle to activate your distributorship and maintain your autoship each month. Meaning you must buy minimum one bottle each month for $69.95 plus shipping.
  • As a silver distributor you can get in by buying 2 bottles and you receive one for free for a total of $129.85 and maintain your autoship or 600 business volume in total team volume.
  • As a gold distributor you can get in buying 3 bottles and you receive 3 bottles free for a total of $189.70. To maintain this distributorship you can keep the autoship or you can have 3000 in total team business volume.

Is Skinny Body Care A Good Home Based Business?

This is basically a question that you’ll have to answer yourself based on whether or not you want to promote a weight loss product, I don’t believe Skinny Body Care is a scam but it’s important you understand that if you decide to get in there’s a chance you’ll have a few bottles of Skinny Fiber sitting in your garage. While searching on sites like Ebay I have seen hundreds of listings in Ebay and Amazon for Skinny Fiber bottles usually selling extremely cheap, here’s an example listing:

Skinny Body Care Review

I have also read many articles from ex-distributors who left with endless amounts of bottles that they can’t sell and end up selling on sites like Ebay and Amazon. Most people who join Skinny Body Care do it not because they are interested in the product but because they like the opportunity, however I believe that a great business should have the complete package with great products, a great compensation plan and a strong leadership team behind the company.

Why I Didn’t Join Skinny Body Care..

When you are trying to decide whether or not to join a business opportunity there are a few factors I like to consider, for example compensation plan, leadership, whether the products provide real value and most importantly whether the company is experiencing momentum. I didn’t see that with SBC, after much research there is just not enough buzz on the net about this company. On Google the company receives less than 10,000 searches per month while other companies who are currently in momentum are experiencing over 100,000 per month. Popularity online is important because that tells you that there are thousands of people interested in this opportunity and honestly I’m not seeing that with SBC.

But this is just my opinion, you are entitled to have your opinion and if you believe this opportunity is a good match for you then I wish you a lot of success. However, if you would like to learn what my #1 recommended business opportunity I advise you to click here right now.


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