RE 24/7/365 Review – Scam or Just Another MLM?

By | August 22, 2014

UPDATE: Recently RE 24/7/365 has experienced some major issues and people are NOT getting paid. You can read about the problems they are having clicking here.

Original REVIEW: When it comes to new network marketing companies usually you hear about them first on social media, in my case a few people messaged me about a new company called RE24/7/365 that basically sells electricity and travel.

I decided to write this RE24/7/365 review to find out a little more about the people behind the company, the products and the compensation plan. You might be here because someone share with you a video about the RE24/7/365 opportunity and you are probably doing some research on the company.

What is RE24/7/365 all about?

In certain areas across North America, energy prices remain regulated. This means that all energy providing processes including pricing are governed by a regulatory or government body, with only the local utility able to sell directly to consumers. Deregulation has taken place in many states and provinces throughout North America. It has allowed energy suppliers to enter the markets and offer their energy supply products to consumers. The downside is that energy deregulation is still somewhat new and is not available in all states. RE is basically offering electricity services via a network marketing structure where they pay representatives commissions for introducing new customers to their products.

Honestly, RE24/7/365 is not the first network marketing company to offer such services, companies like Ambit Energy founded in 2006 also offer gas and electricity services in deregulated states. There’s also a few more companies like Momentis, Ignite, ACN and many more.

Is RE24/7/365 Any Different Than The Rest?

So by now you already know that RE is not the only one offering energy and gas services. Perhaps what makes them different is that they also offer travel and small loan services. The RE24/7/365 products are all very different but not unique, but perhaps the real question is can you really make money with this company?

It’s too early to say whether or not the average person can make money but let’s talk about the compensation plan.

RE24/7/365 Compensation Plan

Basically to become a “best friend” which is what the company call their reps you need to pay a fee of $39.95 per month that qualifies you to earn through retail sales and 50% matching bonuses. According to their website you also have an opportunity to get paid daily via deposit in a company provided debit card.

Reasons Why I Didn’t Join…

There are a few reasons why I decided to not be a part of this opportunity. The first reason is the product line itself, even though energy deregulation is currently in process is still not a DONE DEAL, meaning your market cap is limited which is why they also offer travel and small loan services but the truth is there are dozens companies that also offer travel and small loan services.

Company has no track record, let’s be honest this is brand stinking new. Most MLM companies don’t reach the 5 year mark and a company with no track record or information on there corporate staff it can be a risky move for people who choose to promote this opportunity. The only thing you can find on their site is the founder’s name Peter “PJ” Jensen.

I also checked the corporate office location and it seems like the offices are located in Fort Myers, FL. The one thing I found that caught my attention was an article I found while doing a simple Google search for the founder’s name which states he was sentenced to 31 months in prison in 2013 for tax evasion. The article can be found here:

He was also involved with a previous company called AMA Nation Energy which also offered energy services and closed it’s doors in 2011. Article can be found here. As you can see there’s a lot of competition in the energy space for MLM companies, If you are still considering joining this opportunity I suggest you do your research based on your location and whether or not you can use their services in your state. Hopefully this review gave you more information on the company and opportunity and from there you are free to make your own conclusions.

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