Pure Leverage Review – The #1 Problem With Pure Leverage

By | June 22, 2014

Pure Leverage is a program that has been around for sometime now, the business was created by Joel Therien who is the founder of GVO and a successful network marketer with lots of experience. GVO has been around for years and every now and then they launch a new program with a new compensation plan backed by GVO.

Now if you are here reading this Pure Leverage review is perhaps because someone shared the business with you or you stumble upon a website or video online. In this review I’m going to give you my honest opinion on Pure Leverage and why I believe that the average person will struggle to make money with this program.

But first I want you to know that no I don’t believe Pure Leverage is a scam or it will try to steal your money. I will share with you the main points about this opportunity and also my personal opinion on it.

Is Pure Leverage The Real Deal?

The answer is IT DEPENDS, when you get access to the program you get a variety of tools and training that are designed to help you market any business you wish online. However, most people that join this program simply join for the income opportunity and not the products. The cost to join this program which I call the “entry fee” is $24.95 per month. For your monthly membership you’ll get a variety of digital products that include:

  • Elite Coaching Program
  • Capture Page System (to build opt-in squeeze pages)
  • Authority Blog (a sub-domain on the corporate site)
  • Conference Room

I’m not going to list all the products but you get the idea, they are digital products. The products are not bad but honestly they are not the only game in town, they are dozens of online companies offering the same packages or some of those individual products. In fact you can ready my Ingreso Cybernetico Review and see what I mean.

Pure Leverage Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is where most people see this as a great opportunity to make additional income. Let me provide you with a small break down of how it looks and I took this image straight from their site:


I highlighted the 100% commission because yes they pay you 100% commission on each sale on your first month. After that is 50% commission which is still ok. Now you might be thinking how does the company make money?

Well, to participate in the compensation plan you’ll have to pay an additional monthly fee of $19.95 to be able to refer others into the program. However, here’s where I see first issue with Pure Leverage.

People don’t like hidden fees, it’s fair to say that is better to be straight forward and honest with people and provide that information since the beginning but they don’t. They also have multiple additional upsells or products that are one-time fees and you make larger commissions because the products are more expensive.

But the real problem I see with Pure Leverage is this:

The average person only sponsors about 2-3 people, the way the compensation plan is setup you need to be really good at recruiting if you want to make money. Most people in Pure Leverage are focus on “getting the next sale” and not actually helping their team, let’s say you are able to bring 5 people into this program, if you are focus on bringing the next 5 people and your first 5 haven’t made any money then they’ll most likely quit. This is because via the PL compensation plan you are NOT given incentives for helping your team members make money, is pretty much every man or woman on their own.

So, in my opinion Pure Leverage is not a program that I see where the average person can make some residual money, unless you are a BIG HITTER or someone with lots of internet marketing experience that can put hundreds or even thousands of people into it.

Hopefully my review made sense to you and if you want to check out my #1 income opportunity I would recommend you click here right now.

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