Project Payday Review – Scam or Waste Of Time?

By | August 28, 2014

Hey, thanks for stopping by to read my project payday review and find out whether this program is a scam or not. Most likely you heard of project payday because someone share it with you on social media or perhaps you stumble across a classified ad on Craigslist. I also want to share with you my experience with this program and the main reason why I decided to stop promoting it.

Project Payday was launched in 2006 and they have managed to stay around for a very long time, in fact they even have an “A” rating in the BBB as of writing this review. Which is pretty impressive considering the massive amounts of complaints from people all over the internet about misleading advertising and other things.

How does Project Payday work?

The concept is simple, refer people to the program where they must complete a trial offer or pay a one-time fee in order to make money as an affiliate. Project payday is basically a network that has a lot of freebie and trial offers. Many companies (netflix,, etc..) hav trial offers where you can signup for them and try their service either free or for a small fee. In return these companies pay Project Payday an unknown amount for each referral that completes a trial offer. This is how Project Payday makes their money.

You basically can create an account inside of Project Payday for free, then you select an offer or trial offer you wish to complete to receive 1 credit needed to become an affiliate of the program. You can also pay a small fee to skip not doing the offers, most people choose the trial offers. Once you have your credit you are ready to start promoting the program to other people.

Can the average person make money with Project Payday?

The short answer is NO.

Let me explain, as an affiliate of Project Payday you earn on average $1.50 for each person that successfully creates an account in the program. Yes you do get paid for each person that simply creates a free account, but there are a few requirements like the signups must be real people of course, from US, CANADA or the UK and at least some of those signups have to complete the offers or pay the fee. If you have 100 signups and none complete the trial or pay the fee your account could be canceled.

The key part to remember is that even if you are good at marketing this program. It’s not as easy, earning $1.50 per signup would take a lot of daily signups to make just $30 or $50. The truth is the average person doesn’t know how to promote or market, which is why most people don’t make a lot of money with Project Payday.

Project Payday Scam

I’m not saying is a scam since I been paid by Project Payday but that’s because I understand the concept of generating traffic and leads. In fact in the short time I promoted them I earned $226.00 in commissions that were in fact paid to me. But I would personally prefer to put the same time and effort into something that perhaps pays more and pays residual.

With Project Payday you get paid one-time commissions so you might do really good one month and then not earn anything the following month. I wouldn’t use this program as a way to build long lasting income for my family. I personally don’t think is worth my time and effort since I know I can make more money promoting other stuff.

But, this is just my opinion of course and from this review you are free to make your own conclusions and decide whether or not this is a program that you want to get involve with.

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