Neurs Review – Is NEURS Worth The Value?

By | July 26, 2014

Alright most likely you received some email invite about Neurs or someone shared with you the business platform. My goal with this short but to the point neurs review is give you a simple explanation of what this program or platform is all about because honestly I couldn’t figure out for some time what the heck it was because of all the hype surrounding it.


Just What is Neurs?

Neurs launched in early 2014 as a global platform for entrepreneurs where they can easily advertise, connect and build business relationships with other entrepreneurs and business owners around the world.

It sounds like a great idea, in fact they allow you to sign up as a PROVIDER or AFFILIATE. Meaning you can also make money by referring people to this platform. So far so good right?

Well, this is where Neurs gets interesting, let’s say you have a business opportunity or you are a freelance web designer. Inside of Neurs you could create a profile about yourself and the business you are offering in detail, then people would search for your specific service and most likely find you. Basically like a business directory but with more interactivity. I took the quote below right from their website so you can see what exactly is a PROVIDER inside of Neurs.

It all begins when you complete your NEURS® Provider Profile. Explain what you do, how you do it, and who’s your target market (right down to ideal location). Your profile will then be searchable by all who are looking for providers that do what you do and you will soon start receiving proposal requests by those that were already looking for you but couldn’t find you anywhere else. –

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of what a Neurs provider is, so let’s talk about the prices to become a provider. According to Neurs if you want to signup as a provider to promote your business and get a listing in their directory you must choose between 3 packages. Each package offer a limited amount of credits which you can use to post ads, create profiles ect.

  • Monthly Account 1,000 credits ($99/monthly): This level has features like search for specific entrepreneur profiles, post offers to communities of entrepreneurs, create searchable provider profiles and more.
  • Credit Package 15,000 credits ($997): Basically everything that includes the monthly account but you have more credits.
  • Founding Member 30,000 credits ($1,397): Ability to act as entrepreneur and provider on the site plus everything that the monthly account package includes

So those are the provider packages, they also have mobile apps and overall everything looks very professional and even have celebrity endorsements from one cast member of the “Shark Tank” ABC show.

NEURS Compensation Plan

Okay, so I’m not going to go into all the details of the compensation plan because you can do a little more research on that if you are truly interested in this platform as a business opportunity. In a nutshell Neurs offers two affiliate options. The free options allows you to signup and start promoting the platform and earn commissions for each referral depending on which level or how much money they spend on credits etc. The other option is a $75 fee where you get more affiliate tools like banners, analytic tools, apps and more.

In my opinion the compensation is decent, but the real question is will people actually use this platform?

What I REALLY Think About Neurs…

Okay, so everything looks great right? Well, not really, Neurs launched a few months ago and even though they had a lot of hype, a big pre-launch phase and webinars there is still not enough buzz about it. In fact Google is currently showing that less that “neurs” receives less than 2,000 searches per month. You would think that considering the hype and claims of thousands of people joining during pre-launch there would be more people searching for information on this opportunity.

Because Neurs is a combination of a social network/business directory the value of the membership is based on how many people are using this platform to truly hire or find entrepreneurs to do business.

The concept sounds great, but the claim that Neurs allows you to be found by people who couldn’t find you anywhere else is kinda dumb if you ask me. Why would entrepreneurs and business owners pay monthly fees to advertise in a place where there’s barely no one other that people simply there because of the opportunity side.

Neurs has some REALLY tough competitors like LinkedIn which is a FREE business social network with millions of entrepreneurs and professional already connecting and it also offers business directories. It also has competitors like Craigslist where people can post free ads and is currently being used by millions each month, and perhaps the biggest competitor of them all Google. Where business owners can create free business profiles to appear on local search listings for specific terms.

With such competition and alternatives would you really say that there’s value in spending your money in NEURS?

Just like Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn the value of those platforms is based on how many people are using them, Neurs is charging hefty fees for a platform that sounds like a good concept but only time will tell if it really grows into a global platform with millions of users.

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