National Wealth Center Review – Why I Didn’t Join

By | September 8, 2014

Hey there, welcome to my unbiased National Wealth Center review and if you are here most likely you are doing some research on whether this program is a scam or a legitimate business opportunity you can use to make additional income. The first thing we should talk about is exactly what NWC is how it works.


National Wealth Center Scam?

While I was doing some research I did stumble upon some videos and complaints from people who are or were part of this program. Many of the complaints were mostly of people who never made money in the program, now is it because NWC doesn’t work? I don’t personally think so, mainly because I also saw videos of people who were doing well in the program.

Let’s talk about what National Wealth Center is, basically is a membership website where you can resell digital products and earn 100% commissions. They have multiple packages that are $25, $50 and $100 monthly memberships and also one-time purchases that range from $250, $1,000 and even a $3,500 package. In order for you to resell any of the memberships or one-time packages you need to purchase them. National Wealth Center is owned by Peter Wolfing who is also the owner of a popular program called Infinity Downline, in case you are wondering you can read my infinity downline review to find out more.

Let’s break down the National Wealth Center Products:

  • Self-Development Membership: $25/Monthly – Includes access to a library of digital training on self development
  • Business Development Membership: $50/Monthly – Includes access to a library of digital training on business/marketing.
  • Wealth Advantage Membership: $100?Monthly – Includes Access to library with wealth building strategies and training.
  • Fitness Advantage Package: $250 one-time purchase – Fitness and Health
  • Wealth advantage Package: $1,000 one-time purchase – Building wealth and maintaining wealth
  • Network Marketing Elite Package: $3,500 one-time purchase – All about building a successful network marketing business

Those are basically the complete product line they offer, however from the product line you can see that most of the stuff is digital. Which begs the question is it just a bunch of ebooks thrown together in each package?

The National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

This is perhaps the main reason why you might be researching this program, can the average person really make money with National Wealth Center? Well, the compensation plan is designed via a pass-up system where you must pass up your 2nd and 4th sale to your sponsor and then you get to keep the 1st and 3rd sale and so on from which you earn 100% commissions on any of the monthly memberships. You get pay instantly to your own personal merchant account or PayPal.

Why I Didn’t Join National Wealth Center…

Now personally I don’t think National Wealth Center is a scam or trying to steal your money, just like any other online business it requires that you work and learn to properly generate leads and resell the memberships they offer. However, NWC is not unique in any sense. There’s nothing unique about the program or anything that makes the program stand out from the many opportunities online. The compensation plan they use is well known and many different companies use it.

The products being all digital are not unique, in fact companies like Lead System Network actually has multiple monthly memberships and one-time purchases ranging in the thousands as well and they are not the only ones. But again this is just my personally opinion and from the information I provided here and your own research you can make your own conclusions on whether or not this is something you would like to get involved with.

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