My Top Tier Business Review – Is MTTB Legit?

By | October 14, 2014

Hey there, welcome to my MTTB review also known as My Top Tier Business aka MOBE. Honestly there are so many names involved with this program is hard to keep up. I’m going to do my best to break down this program and provide you with clear details, keep in mind this an unbiased review since I’m not a member.


The first thing we are going to talk about is who is behind MOBE, it was founded by Matt Lloyd in 2011 and it’s been growing ever since. MTTB which is My Top Tier Business is exactly what it sounds like a top tier business.

On the internet Top-Tier products are referred to products that are usually in the multiple hundreds or thousands. We are not talking about your regular $47 course, top tier products usually pay commissions in the thousands and currently there are a few companies online who offer commissions on top tier sales.

What is MTTB & How does it work?

My Top Tier Business is designed to be a training platform to teach people how to build a successful business online, they teach things like traffic generation techniques, lead generation, conversions, sales funnels, mindset training and many other things into multiple training packages.

In order to join MTTB you must pay a $49 application fee which gets you access to the 21-step program. The 21-step program does provide some great content in my opinion but many of the steps are simply upsells to purchase many of the training courses they offer on multiple topics. Now, if you are interested in actually making money with MOBE then you must buy the license (which basically means become an affiliate) with $1997 upfront, and then a $99 /month MOBE license rights.

By now you should see that this program is not for everybody, it’s truly a top tier business where you could easily spend thousands of dollars to get started. Commission percentages range from 50% to 90% depending on what products your referrals buy.

MTTB is clearly a sales funnel design to sell, think of it as a store where you walk in and you buy a TV. After you buy the TV they tell you need HD speakers for a truly unique experience, then they said you also need a wall mount for your TV and you soon end up buying a home theater system. In a nutshell that’s what the MTTB system does, don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they’re training is bad. But there’s one thing you should understand about MOBE and the MTTB system.

Is My Top Tier Business a good business?

This is not your average affiliate program, is actually an upsell hell of products, courses and masterminds that are priced at thousands of dollars. Usually you’ll see people who are having incredible results with MTTB and that’s because they are experienced marketers. They been playing the online marketing game for a while.

However, for newbies is a complete different story. In my opinion there’s way too much information inside MTTB. This may lead to confusion and information overload where newbies with no previous internet marketing experience may feel lost and not knowing where to begin. I’m not saying My Top Tier Business is a scam, what I’m saying is that if you are down to your last $100 and you are a NEWBIE looking to start a business I don’t believe MTTB is the right business for you.

If you have the experience and knowledge and MONEY then this might be something that can be profitable only if you know what you are doing. Personally I decided not to get involved with MTTB, but I encourage you to keep doing your research if you are still curious. Hopefully my review provided you with a different point of view than all the other reviews you’ll probably find out there. Thanks for reading 😉

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