Motor Club Of America Review – Why I Stay Away From MCA

By | October 17, 2014

This is a different kind of Motor Club of America review, not the usual “this is the best thing since slide bread” review that you’ll often find online. I applaud you for doing your research before doing anything because most people get sucked into hype and promises without doing any research.

I believe a buying decision, a decision such as starting an online business should be a smart decision based on facts and clear information. Not lies and hype which is why I’m bringing you this unbiased review.

Is Motor Club of America or MCA a scam?

Well, let’s get that out of the way, the big question of whether or not MCA is a scam? The short answer is basically no. They do in fact offer a legitimate and real service, however just like any service you have to take in consideration prices and quality of that service. In the case of MCA they offer emergency roadside assistance like towing, legal services and a few more perks. They mainly offer 3 different packages to choose from:

  • MCA Total Security Motor Club: This is the smallest monthly package. It offers 100 mile towing, legal benefits, $50,000 AD&D with hospital indemnity and ER benefit. Price is $19.95/month.
  • MCA Total Security Gold: This is the medium monthly package. It offers 100 mile towing, EXTENDED legal benefits, $50,000 AD&D with hospital indemnity and ER benefit + Members rewards. Price is $29.95/month.
  • MCA Total Security Platinum: This is the most popular monthly package. It offers 100 mile towing, EXTENDED legal benefits, $50,000 AD&D with hospital indemnity and ER benefit + Members rewards & auto discounts. Price is $39.95/month.

Those are basically the 3 packages to choose from, keep in mind when you compare MCA packages and benefits to other services out there who offer the same thing they tend to be a bit overpriced. Which is understandable because they have a business opportunity attached to their company.

However, let’s talk about the money side of the program. This is the perhaps the biggest reason why you are here today researching MCA.

Motor Club of America Compensation Plan

Honestly, I’ve seen many huge claims online from affiliates of the company screaming things like “earn 200% commissions” and make $80 for every sale upfront. Those are claims I needed to examine a bit closer.

The first thing we are going to talk about are the 200% commissions. When you refer someone to MCA who buys the MCA Total Security ($39.95/monthly) package you will earn a one-time $80 upfront commission for that sale. Buying the total security package also places you in a forced matrix where you can make money as the matrix fills, which is why the $39.95 package is the most advertised package. However, doing some research on the TVC matrix website which is the one used by MCA those $80 are not truly 200% commissions when you read the statement below:

How do Chargebacks work?

Whenever a member cancels then a chargeback on the original sales may be applicable. On the MCA Total Security membership you can receive an advance commission of $80 (plus additional bonuses of up to $10 based on sales volume) which is approximately 17 months worth of earned commissions. If a member cancels in their 10 month, then you would be charged-back the remaining 7 months which have not been earned…or 7 x $4.62 = $32.34. This chargeback is taken from any existing commissions due you for the week. If you have 15 commissionable and processable Total Security sales that week, you will receive a bonused for any chargebacks you had that week, otherwise your total chargebacks cannot exceed 50% of your check for a given week.

If a member call and request and are granted a full refund, that is not considered a chargeback, it is considered a no-sale and is not subject to the rules listed above. Any commissions that have been paid related to a no-sale are charged against future commissions.

In other words, they’ll pay you the $80 upfront for a sale but if for some the person cancels their membership before 17 months then they’ll be deducting those commissions from future commissions. So you better hope and pray that every single person who joins you stays paying their monthly fee for almost 2 years so you don’t get chargebacks.

Why I stay away from MCA

Honestly, MCA does offer a legitimate service but there are 2 things that mainly I don’t like about their program which is why I decided to stay away from it.

Reason #1) Chargebacks are a big deal. There are many people advertising that you can make $80 per sale and only focusing on the business opportunity side. The truth is most people who usually join a business opportunity and don’t make money within their first 90-120 days usually quit that business. It’s just how it is online, so when you have people joining simply because they want to make money and they are unable to do it because they don’t know how to market then you are face with a lot of people quitting and you being stuck with tons of chargebacks. You’ll soon end up just replacing the people that are leaving your organization every 3-6 months and that’s no way to grow a long term business.

Example of someone promoting MCA on Facebook:

Reason #2) Bad marketing is everywhere. MCA is most popular on Facebook, where you get to see photos like the one ABOVE everywhere and people advertising MCA with no income disclaimers and making promises they can’t keep. That’s a huge red flag and the company seems to be letting it happen.

I have personally seem people openly TEACH others MCA members to take pictures of cash downloaded from Google and upload & tagg people on Facebook to promote the opportunity and honestly is bad marketing all around. Hopefully one day the company will enforce rules to stop this from happening so it doesn’t ruin it for MCA members who are promoting the business the proper ways.

For now I hope my review gave you enough information to decide whether this is something you would want to get involved with. Thanks for reading 😉

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