Modere Review – Is Modere A Modern Scam?

By | September 13, 2014

For the last couple of days I’ve had a few people asked me about Modere and exactly what they are all about. Well, in this Modere review I would like to give you my personal unbiased review about this NEW network marketing opportunity and why you see some people promoting their products on social media sites like Facebook.

The first thing I want to do is remove the B.S, you are here because you want to know whether or not you can make money with this thing. The reason I say that is because I asked a few Modere reps why they join and the often say because they like the products, but when you take a look at their social media accounts all you see is promotions for the opportunity. But, before I jump into the compensation side of things let me give you a short background on what Modere is all about.

Understanding Modere…

Modere officially open their doors in the United States in early 2014, basically they are very new to the network marketing space. They basically like to call their reps “social marketers” and basically their concept is using social media to share their products via their distributors. The concept is not new, in a sense I like to refer to them as Amway 2.0. In case you don’t know Amway is perhaps the biggest and oldest network marketing company in existence with thousands of product lines and services.

The reason I like to call Modere “Amway 2.0” is quite simple. They have not only similar product lines but also similar compensation plans, I’ll explain that a little later, but let’s talk about products.

Modere Products

There’s nothing wrong with taking an idea and improving it, however when it comes to products being offered through Modere honestly I see nothing special about them since there are about 20+ network marketing companies who also have the same products being offered. Here are some of the product lines they have:

  • Personal Care Products
  • Health and Wellness Products
  • Household Care
  • Nutrition Products

Now, please understand I’m not saying their products are bad. I have seen great reviews about their products online. They do have great variety for anyone who wishes to completely change their buying habits from others to Modere. They also have a customer only rewards program, basically people who only want to be customers can purchase product and earn points by referring other customers, as a result customers can earn incentives, this is completely separate from their distributors compensation plan so I did like that part because customers that do like their product have an incentive to share them. I see no problem with their product line but my main concern is the compensation  plan, so let’s talk about that.

Can People Really Make Money In Modere?

Let’s be brutally honest, you want to know whether or not you can make money with Modere. According to their website Modere wants to be different from the other network marketing companies, most network marketing companies have a monthly autoship or volume requirement in place. Modere is no different than those, however they say that “you don’t have to be on autoship as long as you have enough customers to fill that monthly requirement”

Other companies have similar things in place where if you refer x amount of people your monthly autoships are covered. Now that sounds great on paper, the problem is most people who jump into network marketing have very little sales experience. The reality is that sharing Modere products on Facebook is not enough unless you have a big network of friends. The average person has between 100-250 friends on Facebook.

So the question is not whether you will share the products with your friends and family members which is what 98% of new “social marketers” do but how many will actually buy the products from you? That’s the real question, because if you can’t get enough customers to meet that monthly requirement you will have to buy the products for yourself which is what most distributors do.

Now let’s talk about money and the main reason why I decided Modere was not for me…

According to the Modere compensation plan you can make between 3%-5% from purchases made by social marketers you enroll in the business and also customers. Keep in mind I’m not mentioning their bonuses, but I like to focus more on the residual aspect of the business because that’s where the money is. But in case you don’t believe me I took this straight from their PDF explaining the comp plan:


Hopefully you can see I was not lying, but if you don’t understand what that means let me explain. Modere might have some great products but when you are in business to make money you want to maximize the compensation plan by being able to make money without the need of recruiting 100’s if not 1,000’s of people to make any real money. That’s exactly what you’ll have to do since 3%-5% is honestly complete garbage, I say that because I can name 100 different network marketing companies who pay at least 10% commissions on multiple levels.

Modere makes it sound like it’s all via social media, the reality is that in order to grow a big team and make any real money you will have to learn to recruit like a mad man or sell like a mad woman. Don’t think that you’ll sponsor thousands via social media because the reality is that the type of products that Modere sells and business model in place is aimed towards person-to-person aka “lots of meetings”. That’s just the brutal truth.

Do I believe Modere is a scam? My answer is NO, just like any other MLM it requires significant effort and hard work.

However, I can honestly say you have better chances joining Amway since they pay better, have more bonuses, better quality products and most importantly more credibility than Modere. And before you ask NO I’M NOT AN AMWAY REP. But hey, this is just my opinion and you are free to do as you want and wish you the best of luck in whatever decision you make. Thanks for reading and have an awesome day…


7 thoughts on “Modere Review – Is Modere A Modern Scam?

  1. Steven Daniels

    You left out the most important part of the compensation, up 20% commission on sales if you never sponsor a single person. Why did you leave that part of the compensation plan out of your review?

  2. Ashley

    So I feel like if you dont have ALL the facts on a company and what they offer, you shouldnt be writing reviews. Modere is not an MLM – you do NOT have to recruit people under you in order to make money. You can make a decent amount of income by just having CUSTOMERS. You can make MORE money if you assemble a team, but you can stick to ONLY having customers and making money. You get monthly bonuses of residual income plus the 20% commissions off the products purchased. If you have just 10 customers you get a bonus of $300 every month and that does not include the 20%commissions on the products they buy. And as the customers go up the bonus money doubles. So Id say that is pretty great, because unlike most of the rest, you cant do order to make money with OTHER companies you need to assemble a team under you, and they need to assemble a team and so on and so forth…For leaving out this HUGE step, I rate your review a 1.

  3. donna joens

    I just really want some true testimony to the product working on the weight loss. I fill if this is the best then why are their still over weight people out their. I too do not want to sell I just want to try but I want real people telling if it worked. I see pics and so forth but not the person that u can contact. thanks

    1. Jessica

      Hi Donna! If you have not already been added to the weight-loss group where people are posting their testimonials (And you can direct message hem to speak directly) please shoot me an email and I will happily add you to the group. I also have my own before and after pictures that I can show you as well!

      Also, I agree with the post above… The author of this post is missing some of the most crucial points of the compensation plan unfortunately. If you are interested in the Modere comp plan I recommend contacting someone who can accurately talk about the como plan.

    2. Julie

      Donna, I personally am on the M3 System and it works VERY well. You can contact me anytime you want and I can show you proof. I’ve lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks and 3 inches off my stomach. Plus – all he wrote about the compensation plan is a bunch of crap. I’ve been promoted 3 times in the last month and just got a $750 bonus on top of 20% commissions and $200 worth of free products. Not sure where the above “facts” came from. There is not one bad thing I can say about Modere.

  4. Pam Thompson

    I spoke to someone who sells Modere. I was told i can only earn free products.. No compensation unless i recruit someone.. The others who got me in the group are ones that make income off my sales..

  5. G Crea

    I started using Modere July 23, 2017. I have taken LIFE and the TRIM, religiously. Today is Nov. 25, 2017 and I have not noticed one bit of improvement in my skin or any less lines on my neck or face. A month ago I added SKIN which I take at night and the LIFE in the morning with the TRIM. I am down a couple of pounds but I also watch what I eat and am a very active person. I am now adding the BURN and will see how I get through the holidays…. I think this product is VERY expensive for the results I have gotten. I have a sister who is taking it also with no results.


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