(LSN) Lead System Network Review – What is it?

By | April 26, 2014

So I’ve been seeing  a few people promote this new system/income opportunity called Lead System Network or LSN for short. I try searching on Google and other known places for reviews and details information about who is behind this program but honestly I could not find any information about owners. However I did find information about the products, services and the compensation plan.

Based on that information I’ve decided to put together this lead system network review for people who might be looking for info on how it works.

What is Lead System Network?

Lead System Network or LSN is a marketing system/income opportunity designed to provide people with tools and resources to help them promote/sell any business. Now there are other programs out there who have similar pitches an example would be Empower Network or My Lead System Pro. These type of programs basically offer tools and training to help you market online. However, according to Lead System Network they claimed that they are different and unique.

What does LSN offer?

I took the time to watch some of their pre-launch videos to see what they were offering and it does look interesting because they seem to offer many different tools and resources in the basic level which is $30 per month to get started. They offer do it yourself capture pages, landing pages, webinars, customizable autoresponder, text sms system, campaign manager, blogging system, on demand webinar platform and a lot more tools. When you consider everything that they are offering for $30 a month it does look like a lot of value because I spent a lot of money on a monthly basis just on my Getresponse autoresponder. Now even though that might sound cheap sometimes cheap is not the answer, my only concern with these tools is their quality.

Lead System Network compensation plan

Finding this information was a bit tricky since they are now on pre-launch there is very limited information out there about their compensation plan. I was able to find a video by a supposed “leader” in the company that gave a breakdown of what the compensation plan is going to look like and this is what I got from the video:

  • There are 4 products inside the LSN program which are the basic ($30/month), professional ($100/month), master distributor (one-time $1,000) & business partner (one-time $2,500)
  • In order to make money with Lead System Network you must first become an affiliate and pay a fee of an additional $19.95 per month.
  • You get paid 100% commissions or so they say on every basic level sale which is $30 monthly
  • On the professional level ($100/monthly) you get paid up to $50 per referral going down on a 3×9 forced matrix. This means you spillover referrals after your first 3 referrals 9 levels deep.
  • The master distributor level you get access to more tools and you get paid 100% commissions, meaning $1,000 per sale.
  • The business partner program also pays 100% commission and you get paid $2,500 per sale.

Now I can’t really say anything bad about this program since they are just coming out of the pre-launch phase. In my personal opinion I think their basic level $30/monthly and their pro level $100/monthly looks like a good deal. However, I can’t really say if the money meets the value or the training is worth paying $1,000 because honestly I like to wait a few months to make a final conclusion.

Things I don’t like about Lead System Network

Right now is too early to make any assumptions. But I try researching the company owners and a bit more info and there’s hardly anything out there. So here’s a few things I don’t like about this program based on what I know so far:

  • No about us page or company page, other than a short video from the owners (I can assume) there’s no real information about the company anywhere on their site. No address, nothing on the owners.
  • They are using a known platform for marketing systems, I have built my own marketing systems for my own programs before and they are using the same software I’ve used before which comes already with many of the tools they are offering.
  • There are a few leaders in their promo videos who say have years of experienced in the home based business and internet marketing world yet I could not find nothing about them.
  • I looked up their domain information and again could not find anything related to registrars or people behind this program.

Now keep in mind some of these points are my personal opinion and I’m going to give them time (a few months) to see what happens. I never get involve with programs where I know nothing about the company, people behind it and the quality of their services. I will be updating this review as time goes on.


  • Afum Charles Reply

    I really like your research about LSN i have joined but am also confuse since the names of the owners are not known. please kindly updates me if you find anything. Thanks

  • Steven Vaughan Reply

    Very informative and well researched
    Thank you

  • Fernando Reply


    Can you tell me what’s the name of the software you used to set up your marketing system and you stated these people are using as their platform? My personal email address is: fergo44@gmail.com
    Thank you in advance for your time and kind consideration.

    Fernando Gomez

  • Pius Reply

    Thanks for such an informative research on LSN

  • Timothy Reply

    Thank you for the info. I’ve trying to find out more information about the company and could not find anything. I’m looking forward to any additional information you find.

  • Barcleym bukkyjee Reply

    Please i don’t understand lsn, they are scam if you ask me,i join the company i invested and referrals but they block the commission and stopped my ewallet, still request me to pay reseller and pro, am confuse,

  • John Blackwell Reply

    I’ve been scammed. I signed up and went Pro from the get go. Realized some problems and within the 72 hour* cancellation period I cancelled. I received Refund Notification, which I kept for my records.

    No Refund received PLUS they then double billed my Credit Card!

    I have raised Support Tickets, unanswered. Emailed, unanswered. Now I cannot leave any more Support Tickets because I have been blocked.

    *Note the discrepancies in their Published Refun Policy headlined on the Site and their actually TOS – I saw this before hand and bailed within 72 hours and still they ripped me!

    Refund Policy – “Refunds are granted within 14 days for no reason. After 14 days a refund maybe given under certain circumstances governed by LSN management.”

    But errm checkout:

    “3 day Refund Policy. LSN offers a 3-day satisfaction guarantee on all initial fees paid to the company. All subsequent fees are nonrefundable. The digital nature of the service and the immediacy of the benefits make any possibility for a longer refund period commercially impractical. ”

    So which is it?

    I’m afraid this is one of those short lived great ideas that turn into a total Scam and the FBI will eventually come knocking at people’s doors!


    1. Lester Diaz Reply

      Sorry for the bad experience John, I think you should continue to try to reach them maybe they
      can help you get your refund if you can provide proof that you did it before the 3 day period.
      Best of luck.

  • Carl Reply

    So let me get this straight, they help you sell products that currently have? So all you are selling is information on how to manage your business better?

    1. Lester Diaz Reply

      Carl, I’m not a member but I can tell you is designed to be an online tool suite. Autoresponders, capture pages, etc. They also provide training but not sure what’s the quality of it.

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