Leafit Review – Hottest New Social Network or Scam?

By | September 30, 2014

Perhaps you are reading this Leafit review because you really want to know whether or not is a scam or if it’s true that you can make money by simply sharing pictures. Over the past few years I have seen plenty of social networks attached to MLM compensation plans fail miserably. In fact many of them are no longer operational.


There’s no doubt that social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all huge. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry where the money is in the amount of people using those services. For example Facebook has millions of users logging into the site every single day. So the question is, can Leafit be the next Instagram or Pinterest?

What is Leafit & How Does It Work?

Honestly, I seriously doubt it. I’ve seen many failed attempts from the MLM industry trying to tap into the huge industry that is “social networks”. Every day millions of people are online sharing products, services, brands and recommending things to their friends and networks. Leafit says that they can help you earn a piece of the eCommerce industry by simply using their social network. Leafit is similar to Pinterest or Instagram, where you share pictures about anything you want, the only different with Leafit is that when you share an specific product you can earn a percentage when your friends on Leafit decide to buy that product because of your picture/recommendation.

Sounds like a great concept right? In fact we are already sharing products and services each day on social networks and not earning anything, but even though it sounds like a great concept it doesn’t mean that will necessarily catch on. I’ll explain what I mean in just a minute.

But, let’s talk about the Leafit compensation plan:

You can join Leafit as a free member just like you would join any other social network, you can even download a leafit app on your phone for sharing on the go just like Pinterest or Instagram. As a free member you can also make money from 1 generation of eCommerce.

Free Affiliates can earn in two ways:

  • Earn a $17 commission for each personal iGrow Membership Enrollment.
  • Earn a 10% Sales Commission on all direct Sales

You can also become an associate which is a $49/monthly fee. The fee gives you more tools, affiliate backoffice, sales trainings and funnels, etc. By paying a $49 Monthly Subscription fee, Associates open up four additional ways to earn, including:

  • 9 Generations of Uni-level
  • 3 x 9 Forced Matrix
  • Evergreen Check Match
  • 9 Generations of eCommerce Sales

I have no problem with their compensation plan, my main concern is whether or not the service will be used by REAL people and not just people using it to make money. That’s the key to success with any social network.

Over the years I’ve seen many social networks that had MLM compensation plans disappear after a few months because they had no REAL users. You can’t force people to use a social network, Google tried to do it and failed miserably with Google+. Keep in mind that Google is a multi-billion company known worldwide and they were not able to replicate the success Facebook had. It’s too early to say whether or not Leafit will be a concept that will stick around, without the support of real users (not just affiliates) they will not be able to stick around for long.

Here are my main 2 concerns with Leafit:

1) SPAMFEST: There’s the possibility that those that join as free members only join to make money by sharing products and services inside of Leafit. However, when you have no real activity all you’ll have is thousands of members spamming each other with commercial images hoping someone buys something.

2) NO ACTIVITY: If Leafit wants to stay around for a long time they need real people using their service, not just affiliates. The value of a social network is equal to the number of people using the service, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all have hundreds of millions of users. If not enough people are using Leafit then it will fail just like Google+ even with the incentive of making money.

Now, I don’t believe Leafit is a scam. I believe they have a long way to go and a tough road ahead. They have a good concept in place but in my opinion you have more chances of making money on Facebook than you have on Leafit. In the end is really up to you if you want to use Leafit as just another social network or a business opportunity, whatever road you decide I hope my review has helped you and provided you with the information you were looking for.

Thanks for reading.

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