iPas2 Review – The Hidden Truth About IPAS2 System

By | August 29, 2014

Welcome to this iPas2 review and get ready because in this post we are going to talk about what the other IPAS2 reviews are not revealing. Most likely you saw an ad, Facebook post or simply someone shared with you a website in regards to the Ipas2 system, you probably want to know if this is a true legitimate opportunity to start a business from home.

Well, before I get into the “hidden truth about Ipas2″ I want to tell you exactly what this marketing system is all about so you understand what you’ll be paying for if you decide to get involved.

What is iPas2 and How does it work?

iPas2 is in a nutshell is a marketing and sales funnel system designed to automate the process of generating traffic and converting leads into more sales for a business opportunity called the Empower Network. If you are not familiar with the Empower Network is basically a blogging and education platform where they have internet marketing training products, these products range from $25-$3,500. iPas2 was created by some of the top affiliates of the Empower Network to automate the process of traffic and lead conversions. For that reason many existing Empower Network affiliates are using the Ipas2 sales funnel to promote and build their Empower business.

Basically if you were to use the iPas2 system you would join for a 7-day trial for $7, after your trial is over you’ll pay a monthly membership fee of $47 in order to use the system. The system is a basically an educational platform where members are walk through via videos and lessons on the benefits of using and owning a system like ipas2 to start making money online.

How do I make money with iPas2?

The ipas2 system allows you to earn up to 70% commissions when people pay the monthly fee to use the system, you also earn commissions when your referrals upgrade and join the Empower Network. The system is designed and setup in a way that your prospects or members will get exposed to the Empower Network system. You also have coaches which can call your prospects and close them for you guessed right the “Empower Network” opportunity. Keep in mind the coaches are not included in your original $47 monthly fee instead you would need to pay an additional monthly fee if you wanted a coach for you and your referrals.

The hidden truth about iPas2

I have to admit iPas2 looks very good, the system has professional designed videos and features that make it easy for Empower Network affiliates to plug into the system and build their business in a completely automated way. But in the end iPas2 is a marketing system exclusively created to promote the Empower business opportunity.

There are many features that Ipas2 offers like step-by-step video tutorials, coaches, tracking, detailed statistics and a lot of features. Ipas2 connects directly with the Empower API so users can buy Empower Network products directly from the Ipas2 system.

If you wanted to join Empower Network you could join directly without paying for any fees, so using iPas2 is not a requirement to join the EN business. However, the question you have to ask yourself is “do I want to get involved with Empower Network?”. Because the iPas2 system looks great, it has features and a process in place that looks very promising. But the truth is it always be just an front-door for the Empower opportunity.

Whether you want to be part of a system that promotes and is PRIMARILY designed to upsell people into the Empower opportunity that is up to you and a decision you have to make on your own. Personally I don’t believe iPas2 is a scam but even though I like the iPas2 system I decided not to get involved because I didn’t want to promote Empower Network.

In the end is your decision, Ipas2 is a marketing system and not an opportunity itself, so my only hope is that my review gave you another perspective on the iPas2 system and now you have a little more knowledge on what to expect if you do decide to join them.

Thanks for reading my review ;)

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