Instant Rewards Review – Scam? Why I Quit…

By | September 5, 2014

Welcome, first of all let me just say that I’m glad you are looking for more information on this program. In this Instant Rewards review I would like to share my personal experience with Instant Rewards and why I decided to not promote them anymore. I’m going to give you facts and information about what to expect if you decide that you want to try to make money with this program.

Is Instant Rewards A Scam Or Legit?

Chances are you probably heard about Instant Rewards via Facebook or  a classified ad which are the two most popular ways people advertise this program online. Most people want to know if Instant Rewards is a legitimate program where people can make money or if it’s just a scam that will steal your money. Well, the first thing you should is that signing up for Instant Rewards is free, there are no monthly fees, however they only allow people to join from certain countries like U.S, CANADA, UK.

Now you might be asking if it’s free how do people make money with Instant Rewards?

Well, IR is basically a network for advertisers to promote their products, services via trial offers. Advertisers pay a fee to IR each time they refer someone who signups for one of the trial offers. Depending on which offers you choose to complete sometimes you can pay a few bucks to be able to complete an offer. Which then qualifies you to be able to refer other people into IR.

Instant Rewards has many different sites, the starter website pays you $20 for each referral who signups for IR and completes a trial offer. Is a $20 one time commission that IR pays you. Now if you are good at generating traffic and you can get 5-10 referrals per day who actually complete the trial offers then you could realistically earn $100+ per day since IR pays daily via PayPal.

Why I Stop Promoting Instant Rewards..

The potential to make money is there but there are 2 things you’ll need if you want to be able to make money with this program. You can’t simply expect to send traffic to IR and hope people signup and even after they signup they need to know what to do. So I simply created a system with video tutorials to walk people through the process of signing up and completing the offers. That combined with lots of traffic resulted in days where I would make $100 or even $200 with IR. But if I was doing so well why did I quit?

The answer is simple…

#1) No Duplication: Most people who join Instant Rewards don’t have a clue on how to generate traffic online. Even though I was generating lots of referrals I had many people who were struggling and were not making money. It didn’t felt right, I didn’t want to be the only one making money .

#2) No Residuals: This is perhaps the biggest reason why I stop promoting Instant Rewards. IR pays one time commissions, meaning you only get paid one time for your efforts. There were months where I would make a lot of money and I would stop promoting for a week and my income would go down and I had to start promotions again to maintain my income. Because there are no monthly fees with IR there is no residual commissions. I often like to find programs where I can make money residually from work I did in the past.

That is not the case with IR. If you decide to get started with IR you’ll find yourself constantly promoting week after week to be able to earn those commissions. I believe that if you are going to spend your time and money into a home based business you might as well get paid well every month from your efforts so you can eventually build enough monthly income to one day quit your day job.

But that’s just my opinion. I hope you enjoy my Instant Rewards review and that you have found enough information to make a decision on whether this program is for you.

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