Ingreso Cybernetico Review – Why I Didn’t Join

By | July 11, 2014

Well, it was time I sat down and wrote this review because I been hearing about Ingreso Cybernetico for some time on Facebook. In fact if you are here right now chances are most likely someone reached out to you on social media to share this program with you. Before I start I just want to be clear that I have nothing against this program and just like any other online opportunity there are people who are succeeding with it and there are people who are not succeeding. In the end it always comes down to hard work and individual effort.

So, What The Heck is Ingreso Cybernetico

Well, in case you don’t know Ingreso Cybernetico is spanish for “cyber income” and basically is a program that as you can imagine is targeting Latin America. However, it recently exploded on social media and is currently available as of writing this review in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The founders of Ingreso are Dwayne M. Golden, William White, Jatin Patel and Juan Carlos Olaya.

What are the Ingreso Cybernetico Products?

This program offers a variety of digital tools, services and training basically design to help people market on the internet. Services like capture pages, sales pages, hosting services, cloud storage, auto-responders and many other digital products. Now is hard to tell whether or not the quality of these services is good or not because honestly there are a ton of well known companies out there that offer these same exact products. Which brings me to my next point.

Ingreso Cybernetico Review

Clearly, people are not jumping into this program because of the products and services, I have seen countless of people promote this program on Facebook and honestly they don’t seem to be using the autoresponders, capture pages, sales pages or any of the products. In fact they use competitors like Lead Pages, Aweber or GetResponse which honestly doesn’t make sense because if you are paying for this products you might as well use them. Unless the income opportunity is more appealing than the products and I think that’s exactly what it is.

How Do You Make Money?

The Ingreso Cybernetico compensation plan is pretty clever. IC utilizes 2×2 matrixes which pay you every time you complete the matrix, meaning each time you fill your matrix you get paid. They have multiple matrixes and each matrix has a different entry point (cost to get started). Depending on which level you get in you get access to more tools and services as you upgrade to the higher packages. These packages range from $50.00 up to $3500.00. They also have monthly fees and one-time fees associated with different packages.

Let’s say you wanted to get started at the basic level. The $50 initial payment is a one-time payment and then you just pay $25 monthly. When you refer two people under your matrix, those two will refer two other people for a total of 6 people which now completes your matrix and you receive a $125 commission. From my understand you can complete the matrix an unlimited number of times.

Why I Decided Not To Join..

Ingreso Cybernetico looks like a lot of value in terms of products and tools packed into one program however, my concern is not that the program doesn’t work but in my opinion there’s too much competition in this niche. I could probably list 20-30 companies who offer the same thing as Ingreso and because most of the products are digital your target market are two people “people who truly need this services” and “people who want to make money online”

Do I believe Ingreso Cybernetico is a scam? Of course not, it’s no scam…

But the reality is this, most people who join this program do it for the opportunity to make money and rarely for the products, you could say this for almost any income opportunity online but in this case is a bit different. Because there are multiple income opportunities who offer packages with almost the exact same products and services that Ingreso offers so competition in this digital tools niche is quite strong.

In my opinion the only thing that sets apart Ingreso from the others is their compensation plan and honestly I believe a great income opportunity should have not just a great compensation plan but the complete package.

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