Infinite Leverage System Review – Does Click Brilliance Traffic Works?

By | October 7, 2014

Welcome to this Infinite Leverage System review and I’m glad you decided to do some research before doing anything. Perhaps you are researching this system because you want to learn about Click Brilliance or whether or not their traffic packages actually work.


Over the years many MLM programs have launched in unique industries, Infinite Leverage System is the first online traffic MLM ever. But why is it the first?

Well QUALITY online traffic is not something that can be easily acquired unless you have access to major resources and can provide unlimited amounts of traffic. Quantity and quality are two different things, for example you could go into a site like and buy thousands of visitors to your website for $5 but can you really expect any leads or sales to come from that type of traffic? Let’s talk about Infinite Leverage System and what exactly this program is all about.

Infinite Leverage System – Click Brilliance Product Suite

The top 3 guys behind this program are Doug Wellens, Chad Stalvey and Greg Chambers. The ClickBrilliance tool suite is designed to help internet and network marketers increase their ROI by providing a suite of tools like Advanced Link Tracking, Mobile Tracking, Website Rotators, Exit Pop Ups, Countdown timers and more for a cost of $27 per month.

In a nutshell is basically an all-in-one tracking and optimization software. Click Brilliance offers a 7-day free trial where you can signup for free and use the tools for a full 7 days. You can cancel during the 7 days if you don’t like it, but if you decide to stick around it’s $27 per month.

Infinite Leverage System Compensation Plan

If you want to become an affiliate and be able to promote Click Brilliance then you will have to pay an additional affiliate fee of $19.95 per month. This will allow you to earn $20/monthly commissions every time you refer someone that buys Click Brilliance via your affiliate link.

Of course they also have ppc traffic packages that pay one-time commissions and they are paid using a reverse-up compensation plan. This means you make money for every 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale after that. This compensation plan is not innovative or new but when you consider that their product is TRAFFIC they simply cannot afford to use any other compensation plan. The benefits of this comp plan is that your referrals will also have to pass-up their 2nd, 4th, 6th and every 5th sale to you creating LEVERAGE.

Here are the traffic packages & commissions for each one:

  • Basic Package: $220 for 170 to 190 clicks (pays a one-time $100 commission)
  • Bronze Package: $440 for 340 to 380 clicks (pays a one-time $200 commission)
  • Silver Package: $660 for 510 to 570 clicks (pays a one-time $300 commission)
  • Gold Package: $1,097 for 850 to 950 clicks (pays a one-time $500 commission)
  • Platinum Package: $2,197 for 1,700 to 1,900 clicks (pays a one-time $1,000 commission)
  • Titanium Package: $4,297 for 3,400 to 3,800 clicks (pays a one-time $2,000 commission)

NOTE: Understand that buying the traffic packages is OPTIONAL but you can only earn a commission from the package you have previously bought. This means that if you want to earn a $200 commission every time someone in your organization buys the BRONZE package then you need to buy the BRONZE package yourself first. The same applies to the rest of the packages.

Is Infinite Leverage System and Click Brilliance Worth The Time & Money?

That’s a good question that is difficult to answer at the moment, this program just launched and Click Brilliance does look like a fantastic suite of tools for anyone who understands the importance of tracking everything about your online business. However, traffic is a difficult business.

The success of Infinite Leverage System will rely completely on whether or not the traffic they are selling works. Traffic sources online tend to get saturated when a lot of people start using them for the same OFFER. This means that if thousands of people are using the same traffic source with time the quality of that traffic could go down, it’s a possibility but only time will tell.

For now the only way to know if their traffic packages actually convert into leads and sales is by actually buying them, so it would be wise to test this traffic and see if it can really help anyone get leads or sales for any website online (which is the purpose of buying traffic).

There’s also the possibility that if the traffic REALLY converts there will be a lot of people that won’t need to promote because they could simply buy traffic packages to send traffic to the Click Brilliance offer. The real question would be will this traffic be effective when you have thousands of people over a few months buying traffic for the same offer?

That’s the true question..for now I hope you enjoy my review and now you have a clear understanding on how Infinite Leverage System works.


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