How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

By | January 5, 2015

With every new year people often tend to set new goals that they want to accomplish, the reality is that most people treat goals as “wishes” and this is the wrong type of mentality to have if you really want to achieve your goals. I want to dive into setting goals and actually being able to achieve those goals, I’m going to give you a few pointers on how to structure your goal setting correctly.

How To Set Goals

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The first thing you need to know is the difference between a wish and a REAL goal. You see most people say “I want to lose 25lbs this years” when they should be saying something like “I’m going to lose 25lbs by April 1st” as you can see not only is more specific but you are giving your goal a priority by attaching a date to it. The words we say have direct influence into the things we do, there’s a big difference between saying “I want” and saying “I’m going or I will”. That is where you should start before setting any goals.

The secret to achieving all your goals..

The most important thing you need to remember if you want achieve your goals is that you need to remind yourself of those goals daily. Most people often set goals during a new year and then by the 2nd month they already forgot to follow on their commitment.

Saying you are going to do something is simply not enough if you have some ambitious goals, instead take a few minutes to write down your short and long term goals. Writing down your goals will help you remind yourself to not lose focus. After you write down your goals place it somewhere where you can read them daily before you start the day.

Why do you need to read your goals daily?

  • It allows you to memorize your goals subconsciously.
  • Every time you face a problem/obstacle read your goals for strength.

Steps To Help You Set Your Goals…

#1 – Set realistic goals.

This is important, some people will often say things like “I want to win the lottery”. It’s crucial you set yourself realistic goals that are both short and long term. Your goals should be what you want this year and what you believe you can accomplish whether is changing careers, making more money, starting a business, have more time with the family or find your special someone. Set goals that can be achieved by your own efforts and not outside circumstances.

#2 – Attach exact dates to all your goals.

This simple step will give you a sense of urgency for specific goals you want to achieve. It allows you to work hard for that goal. Be sure that you give yourself time but at the same time don’t set dates years ahead, it’s best if you give yourself a few months for each goal. The most important thing to remember is to set dates for example “I’m going to be making an extra $5,000 monthly by August 1st” this simple exercise can make all the difference.

#3 – Reward yourself

Rewarding yourself every time you accomplish a small goal is a good idea, it will keep you motivated to continue. For example let’s say that you wanted to switch jobs by February, you could reward yourself with something small each time you have a successful interview or meeting.

#4 – Be open about your goals.

Some people keep their goals private, the truth is if you really want to challenge yourself and commit to your goals then you need to talk about them. Tell your wife/husband or anyone close to you about what your goals are, share with them why you are going to work hard to achieve your goals, you might even inspire a few people to pursue their own goals. Being open about your goals will create a sense of no going back, you either do it and keep your word or you might be perceived as a quitter.

#5 – Fuel your motivation

Achieving your goals is all about staying motivated, you will face obstacles, problems and doubters who will criticize you and your goals. Your fuel to move forward will be your motivation which is why you need to be ready to make changes. No major goals have ever being achieved without making changes. If you want to lose x amount of weight in 3 months you need to stay motivated by eating healthy, learning about the benefits of it, committing to going to the gym and working out, talking to people who are living a healthy lifestyle. Motivation is everything and will be your fuel that will keep you going for weeks.

I really hope that by now you have a better understanding on how to properly set your goals and work to achieve them, trust me it’s never easy but the more you do it the easier it will get with time. The one thing you will learn with these goal setting techniques is “discipline” which is what most people lack when it comes to committing to goals.

Best of luck to you and I hope this post helped you, feel free to share it 😉

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