How To Sell Shirts On Facebook

By | December 6, 2014

Selling shirts on Facebook is really hot right now, especially when websites like make it so easy for anyone to get setup and start selling in a matter of minutes. It used to be that if you want to sell shirts online you needed to have an online store, you needed to hire designers, you needed to take care of inventory and deliver to customers. Honestly, it was a pain because selling shirts is usually something you do to a target audience or niche.

A good example of a niche that is responsible for millions in sales is sports, but today it’s easier than ever to start your own tshirt business with just a few clicks and no investment on your part. Teespring utilizes the concept of crowd funding which is very popular online to sell millions of shirts each year.

Utilizing a platform like Teespring eliminates most of the problems that used to be associated with launching a tshirt business. They take care of the payment processing, hosting and delivery while you get a percentage of each tshirt sale by simply referring the customers. It’s a win-win, they handle everything and you make money.

The Facebook Tshirt Craze…

Facebook has become the #1 for people to gather online, also giving you a wealth of information that was not available before. Information like your favorite movies, music, sport franchises and a lot more.

Smart marketers are using this information to create targeted marketing campaigns targeting specific niches to promote teespring shirts.

So what do you need to make money selling shirts?

I put together a quick list of things you’ll need if you want to start your own tshirt selling business and of course use Facebook as your traffic source:

  • Teespring Account: First thing you’ll need is a teespring account, don’t worry anyone can signup and is 100% free to do so.
  • Good Designs: The success and failure of any shirt campaign is completely based on the design of the shirt, if it’s smart, funny and targeted to an specific niche that is passionate you’ll be one step closer to making sales.
  • Facebook Niche Pages: Imagine having a facebook page in a specific niche with over 20,000 likes, the possibilities to promote not only shirts but other products are endless. This is why this is the best option, investing to grow your personal niche fan pages.

Now if you don’t know exactly what niches to jump into or perhaps how to have winning designs I recommend you check out Elite Shirt Profits which is an awesome course on how Curtis was able to do over $20K per month selling shirts from Teespring on Facebook.

The one thing you’ll need to do is be willing to fail, not every design will be a winner. Setting up the teespring account is just the first step but I hope this post gave you a general idea on what you need to do to make it happen.

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