How To Print Money Online Legally

By | March 24, 2014

How many times have you heard from your parents, family, and friends that money doesn’t grow on trees? Probably a lot, in fact this is a saying we often tell our children when we can’t afford to buy something for them or give them money. But the reality is that money is freely available for anyone who wishes to go after it. If you have the right knowledge and skills you can make as much money as you want. So, yes in a sense I’m going to show you how to grow your very own money tree.

Just imagine anytime you needed an extra $50, $100 or more you could get it without much effort and in just a few minutes, do you believe something like this is possible?

Well after you read this post you’ll understand how NOT only is possible but ANYONE can do it if you have the right knowledge.

The Concept Of Printing Your Own Money

In order for you to understand this concept I’m going to give you a few examples first. You probably heard of which is right now the world’s largest social network and a billion dollar company.

Do you know why Facebook is so valuable and makes so much money?

I’ll tell you this, is not because they are the easiest or the best looking or because it has the best features. It’s simply because they have a database with millions of people in it. A database that contains names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, likes and dislikes. That information in this age is worth millions and the more you have the better. Facebook makes millions of dollars simply because people are willing to share all their information with them.

In fact Facebook knows that having a database of information is so valuable that they paid over 19 billion dollars to buy WhatsApp which is phone application that served 350 million users worldwide. The only reason why this phone app was so successful was because they already had a database of millions.

Do you see where I’m going here?

Well let me explain. Some of today’s most successful companies have 1 thing in common and that is “personal information”. Google spends millions each year to find new ways to get you to signup for new things and give them your information. The larger their database is the more money advertisers are willing to spend to market to that database.

The question you might be asking yourself is why do I need a database?

The answer is simple, the larger your database the more likely you are to make money. In the internet marketing world this is referred to as “building your email list” and this is why anyone can print their own money using this concept because you don’t need millions of dollars life Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Google to do it.

As an internet marketer you can use the same concept this huge companies are using to create your database of contacts that you can use to later market a product, service or opportunity. The key is learning how to attract people who will give you their information willingly. Since you are not Facebook how do you build your list?

Whether you realize it or not we all have a unique talent, skill or resource that we can share with others, for example if you know how to train your dog do you think there’s people out there willing to give you their email in exchange for you showing them a video on how to train their dog?

The same applies to anything, you need to find that special skill, talent or resource you have that other people might be looking for. In the world of internet marketing you need to exchange value for people’s information. Usually this is a name and an email address because most of the time that is all you need.

Why Would I Want To Build An Email List?

This is the important part. I made the mistake when I started online to not focus on building my email list. Instead I wasted a lot of time in things that never made me any money. However when I learn the concept of list building everything changed. I would build email lists of people interested in something and then I would promote an specific product or service to that list.

Just imagine you had an email list of 10,000 people in the dog training niche and you decide to launch your own dog training program online. Well, because you decided to build your list you now have 10,000 people you can reach to tell them about your new program. If only 20% of those people buy your program you literally just printed your own money with a single email. This is why this concept is so powerful, building your own personal list will allow you to reach thousands of people with a single email. Some of the biggest internet marketers who make millions a year are able to do that simply because they have email lists of thousands of people.

I personally use this method to print my own money. Here’s how:
  • I focus on building my personal email list into thousands
  • I find products, services and programs that I can promote to my list
  • I send email promotions to my list and as a result generate commissions literally on autopilot from mailing my list.

That’s great, but what about the new guy that doesn’t have anything to offer how do you build your list if you are brand new?

Well the first thing I would recommend is to get yourself an email marketing platform. I personally use GetResponse and they are my #1 recommendation because I have used them for a while now and they are the best in what they do. This will allow you to manage and collect your list and your list will be stored safely allowing you to email your list all at once anytime you want.

The second thing you need is to find something to provide in to offer to people in exchange for their email, this part is really up to you. You can offer a free e-book on an specific subject, a video training series or audio download. The possibilities are endless. For example I teach people to make money in affiliate marketing and I ask for an email in exchange for the information (you can see how I do it here). When you are providing value or helping someone by providing them with information they’ll be more than willing to give you their email address. Check out the diagram below:

Now there are many courses, ebooks and videos online that all talked about how to build your email list and make money. But the key thing is that you understand the concept and start building your list as soon as possible.

If you enjoy this post please all I ask is that you share on your favorite places so others can benefit from it. Thanks for stopping by.


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