How To Build Residual Income Collecting Emails

By | October 2, 2016

Many people often want to know the BIG SECRET to making thousands of dollars online, the truth is there is NO SECRET, even though you’ll often see internet gurus trying to sell you their latest method/strategy.

The reality is that there are no shortcuts, no magic systems, no business opportunities or courses that will teach you EXACTLY how to go from 0 to $5,000 per month online in record time. Yes, you can buy trainings and tools to give you a piece of the puzzle but there’s no system that will ever do that.

Okay, so what should you be doing to make residual income?

Back in 2009 I started my journey on the internet, I spent my first 12 months looking for that magic system or opportunity that would take me from zero to hero in 6 months. I ended up joining a bunch of hyped programs and things that never made me any money. Spent months with PTC (paid-to-click) programs wasting my time earning cents. I did surveys, trial offers, clickbank, MLM opportunities and everything I could find with no results.

My second year I stopped joining programs and instead wanted to learn what the gurus were actually doing to make money. So I started buying SEO courses, internet marketing ebooks and memberships to many sites like the which was one of my first memberships where I learned a lot.

Again, another year went by and I made little to no money…

My 3rd year I started making some money, not a lot but just enough to pay for some of the tools and services I was using. That year I spent a lot of time learning about SEO optimization, blogging, WordPress, sales funnels, video marketing and more.

I learned a lot by also making a ton of mistakes and in those years I was not doing the #1 thing that has made the most difference in my business today and that was “building an email list”. I thought that by learning how to generate traffic consistently I would sit on trucks full of residual income, big mistake.

Why you should be collecting emails…

Most people don’t quite understand the importance of building a list of people. Traffic is not enough, if you are not building a list you are basically throwing away that traffic. Building your own personal email list of people who have opted into your website is the single most profitable thing you can be doing for your business right now.

Okay Lester, how do I build a list?

Step #1: The first thing you need is an autoresponder, I personally use GetResponse since it’s inexpensive (a list of 2500 people can cost $25/monthly) and very user friendly. They also have a built-in landing page builder which will be useful for step 3.


Step #2: Many people over-complicate the process of building a list, the second thing you should be doing is providing something of value. That can be a video, ebook or training guide in exchange for someone’s email. You can’t simple expect someone to give you their personal email without providing any value.

But if you don’t have anything then I would recommend you buy a PLR ebook that you can give away. Ebooks that are sold with private label rights means that you can sell them, re-brand them or give them away for free. A good resource where you can find tons of PRL ebooks is Master Resell Rights.

Step #3: Once you have your ebook ready to go then you’ll need your own capture page/landing page where people will enter their email in order to get access to your ebook. Below is an example of one I personally use:

Landing Page

Pretty straight if you don’t know how to create your own landing page I strongly recommend you use GetResponse since they have a simple drag and drop landing page builder anyone can use.

Step #4: Monetize your list.

Of course the whole purpose of doing this is monetizing your list, what’s the point of having an email list of 5,000 people if you are not making money. On average many internet marketers will say that you need to be making at least $1 per month for every email subscriber on your list.

The way to do this is not by spamming your list every week with a different affiliate offer or opportunity but creating trust and providing as much VALUE as you possibly can. For example sending an email to your list when you want to share a video, training, free webinar etc…

Then once a month or twice a week you can promote an affiliate product, tool or opportunity. Let’s say that if you started building a list TODAY at a range of 27 subscribers per day, in a month you would have a total of 810 people in your list.

After a year you would have a list of 9720 people.

That’s not bad at all, if you were to earn just 50 cents monthly for each subscriber on your list that would mean an monthly income of $4820.00 just because you decided to build an email list. But, Lester how exactly would I earn $4820.00 per month from an email list of 9720 people?

Well, let’s say that each month you PROMOTED 1 affiliate product to your list, let’s say that product would pay you a $25 commission for each sale generated via your affiliate link. You send an email to your entire list of 9720 people and ONLY 2% of your list decides to buy the product, that means 194 people out of 9720 purchased.

If you do the math that means 194 x $25 = $4,850 in commissions

What if you were able to do this each month or you promoted a product that pays you recurring commissions? That’s the power behind building a list and collecting emails, the bigger your list the more money you can make money.

Which is why you often see big marketers join new programs and generate thousands of dollars in their first month, because they understand the power behind building a list and nurturing that list to create a TRUE residual income.

I hope this post has opened your eyes and now you have a clear understand of why you should be building your personal email list. Thanks for reading and if you found value in this post feel free to share it 😉

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