Global Domains International Review – Is GDI A Scam?

By | October 8, 2014

Welcome to my Global Domains International review, perhaps you have heard of GDI before or you might be looking to do some digging on this program to see if it really works. Before we jump into the compensation plan, products and everything else let’s talk about what GDI is and how it works.

Global Domains International – GDI

Michael Starr and Alan Ezeir founded GDI in the year 2000 right when the dot-com craziness was happening. They wanted to an domain extension that they could use to market using a MLM structure. There are many domain extensions out there (.net, .com, .org, etc..) and they decided they would use the .ws extension to launch their business.

Since then they have included services such as hosting, email, website builder and basically they offer many services similar to GoDaddy, the only difference is that they use an unilevel compensation plan where anyone can join as an affiliate and promote their products and earn monthly commissions when you build a downline.

Global Domains International Products & Services

GDI offers a full 7-day free trial and then is only $10 per month. For your $10 per month you get access to a variety of services like:

  • Your own .ws domain name
  • Web hosting
  • 10 email addresses
  • Website Builder
  • One-click WordPress installation
  • Replicated Sites

Those are some of the things included in your $10 monthly membership, now let’s talk about the global domains international compensation plan. When you join as an affiliate you are paid $1 per month for every sale 5 levels deep. That means you can make money for the sales you personally get and also for the sales your referrals make as well down to 5 levels deep.

Now $1 per sale it’s really not a lot of money, if you wanted to earn for example $500 per month you would need a downline of 500 people to be able to do that. However, GDI does offer additional income opportunities like a Weekly Superstar Contest. The superstar contest runs every week and for every 5 personal sales you generate in a 7 day period you are paid a one-time bonus of $100, so if you are able to generate 20 sales in a week that means you can earn a bonus of $400 for that week. GDI was one of the first programs I did when I got started online and as you can see for the image below I was able to hit the bonus not just once but a few times.


However, most people want to know whether or not is possible to make money with a program like global domains international and whether or not is a scam.

I can assure you that the program is not a scam, they been around for more than a decade and offer real services with a business opportunity that has the potential to make you money if you know how to promote and generate traffic.

Keep in mind though that because this is a $10 business and you are not spending hundreds or thousands to get started your commissions will reflect that, meaning that $1 per sale per month will only work if you have enough DUPLICATION in your team which is the key factor to be successful with GDI. Without duplication you won’t be able to make any money unless you are constantly referring sales on a weekly basis and qualifying for the bonuses.

My goal with this review was to provide you with my sincere point of view based on my personal experience with GDI and what it takes to make money with this opportunity, hopefully you have enough facts and information to know whether or not this a business opportunity for you. If you would like to test GDI for yourself you can click here for a 7-day free trial.

Thanks for reading 😉

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