Freedom Fighters Network Review – What They Are NOT Telling You…

By | August 4, 2014

If you are here chances are you are wondering if the Freedom Fighters Network is a good program to join. Well in this Freedom Fighters Network review I’m going to give you the information that barely anyone is explaining.


The first time I heard about this program was on my Facebook newsfeed, it’s actually a marketing system with a built in autoresponder that is designed to make you money on the front using a series of steps to help . The program has been growing very fast and going viral on social media because of one thing and that is the $150 guaranteed.

UPDATE: Recently I was informed that they have removed the Empower Network from the system and is no longer a part of the program. Because of that change I decided to give you a more detailed review from inside the program as a member. Watch the video below:


How does Freedom Fighters Network work?

That is the number one reason why this system has been growing very fast, Freedom Fighters Network are guaranteeing that if you do not make your first sale online within 30 days of becoming a member, you will be paid $150. Obviously by removing the risk factor this offer attracts many people who would not have joined if it wasn’t for that guarantee. Whether or not this guarantee attracts tire-kickers and people with the right mentality for business is another question.

Basically as of writing this review you can signup for a 7-day free trial where you can get access to the system free of cost. The system was created by Jordan Shultz and Angela Moore who are both experienced and respected affiliate and network marketers. They are also top earners in Empower Network which was the fastest growing biz op in 2012.

Once you join you have a timer in place where you have exactly 7 days to decide if this is for you or not, the program has a series of steps where it shows you how you get paid, how to setup an autoresponder to let the system follow up with your leads for you and also it offers traffic packages for people who want to purchase traffic to their referral link. You get Facebook training on how to promote the system on Facebook for free and generate your first few leads online.

What happens after the free trial?

This is probably what many people don’t talk about, after the 7 day free trial you pay $47 a month for the system. This allows you to become an affiliate of the program and earn a $25 per month commission for each sale. Meaning you make $25 per month for each person who successfully joins. You also can earn commissions if you signup for the autoresponder which is FREE for the first 7 days and then $29.95 a month for the service. The autoresponder is optional and it also pays a $15 per month commission. You can also earn an additional $5 per month for every 2nd level sale you receive.

Example: Lets say you sponsor Bob, and he pays his $47 membership fee. You’d get paid $25 for referring Bob. Then, let’s say Bob goes on to refer 20 people. In this example, you’d earn $25 per month for referring Bob, and you’d also earn $100 per month in overrides.

Basically, you have the potential to make $40/monthly for each sale you generate. Just 10 sales per month could generate an extra $400 per month in residual income using the Freedom Fighters Network.

UPDATE: Here’s a video documenting my first 7 days in the Freedom Fighters Network

Here’s the Truth about Freedom Fighters Network

The Freedom Fighters Network was basically “sales funnel” for the Empower Network business. Empower offers digital training products that range from $25 all the way to $3,500 and Angela and Jordan the owners of Freedom Fighters Network were using the program to put massive amounts of people into the Empower program using this sales funnel. In the beginning I didn’t want to get involved with the system because of the partnership with Empower.

However, since they made the decision to remove the Empower from their program I decided to take a second look and decided to give it a go. I cannot deny that the Freedom Fighters Network is one if not the most newbie friendly program on the internet right now…

I think Jordan and Angela are both very smart marketers and have setup a great program that newbies and experienced marketers can use to earn an additional income using their step-by-step process, hopefully they decide to keep improving the program for the better and making it easier for newbies to generate their first commissions online.

Now that you read my review hopefully you have enough information to consider whether or not this is a program that you would like to get involved with.  If you want to give the Freedom Fighters Network a go you can SIGN UP FOR A 7 DAY FREE TRIAL CLICKING HERE


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