FB Viral Blitz Formula Review – Does It Work?

By | September 12, 2014

If  you are here most likely you heard about FB Viral Blitz Formula and in this review I want to tell you a bit more about what this Facebook marketing course is all about. When I heard Alfredo Delgado was putting another course together with Michael Martin which is another great Facebook marketing rock star I had to write this post.

Facebook Viral Blitz Formula is all about mastering Facebook to build relationships faster and learning how to build massive teams in any business opportunity you choose. These strategies are proven and have generated Alfredo and Michael both high six figure incomes using nothing but Facebook. Alfredo is also the creator of Facebook Krusher which was his first Facebook course which generated thousands of testimonials and great results for people who applied his training.

The course is currently still being developed and is set to be launching soon. Once the course is fully launched I will update this review will all the details and information you’ll need to tell you whether or not this is worth getting.

Stay tuned..

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