Ebola, ISIS & The Media Are Stealing Money From You

By | October 18, 2014

Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard or seen the news of how Ebola is spreading in America, how ISIS will destroy the world and all the puke that the main stream media is constantly putting out there for people.

These are the main headlines over the past few weeks, now I personally don’t watch CNN, FOX News, NBC or any news network but in this day and age you can’t avoid the headlines because they usually come to you via social networks and blogs whether you want them or not. I wanted to write this post to tell you why these headlines are taking money out of your pocket and you don’t even know it.

Over the past few weeks my Facebook timeline has been filled with ebola news, opinions and worthless junk that you should not be paying attention to.

Which brings me to my next point…News networks are stealing money from you. Now you might say, Lester what the hell are you talking about stealing my money?

Well, by you paying attention and focusing on those things you are LOSING money. Attention is money, why else would companies pay millions of dollars to grab your attention? Well because ATTENTION is money.

I’ll give you an example: A Super Bowl ad may cost up to 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot during the big game. Some of these companies are more than willing to pay those millions because they know the game has people’s attention. If you are paying attention you are more likely to focus on (BUY) the message.

The main stream media does a great job grabbing your attention using one thing FEAR.

By constantly keeping you in a state of fear you are unable to focus on things that really matter like your health, your family and your finances. As a result, by shifting your focus you are LOSING time and money.

The problem is American news networks are really good at one thing and one thing only and that is SELLING A STATE OF CONSTANT FEAR.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should be completely IGNORANT about what is going on in the world because no matter how hard you try to avoid it, the HEADLINES will find you one way or the other. But the message behind this post is that you should not focus on them and you should not WILLINGLY give them your time and focus. Instead use common sense and don’t let OTHERS dictate your opinions. Each and everyone is capable of creating their own conclusions based on our personal opinions not what other people want us to think.

Now, keep in mind this is not a democrat or republican thing. This is a PERSONAL thing, You need to understand that your FOCUS should only be in improving your life, your finances, your health and caring for those who truly care about you (YOUR FAMILY) not the government or their agendas.

The 30 day no news network challenge

I have a challenge for you, if you really want to see how much of a difference 30 days in your life can make I want you to challenge yourself to NOT watch any mainstream media news networks or even news at all. No FOX, CNN, NBC nothing, no news for a full 30 days.

Instead I encourage you to spend more time with your family, watching a movie, playing boardgames, reading a few good books like Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich or maybe “How To Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

If you are capable of doing this challenge I promised you’ll be a different person at the end of the 30 days. By focusing on the important things like YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR WELL BEING you are attracting positivity in your life and allowing you to focus more of your time in the things that truly will make a positive impact for you.

Thanks for reading 😉

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