Damsel in Defense Review – 4 Warnings You Should Know

By | October 1, 2014

Well, we are all familiar with the term “damsel in distress” but you might not be familiar with Damsel in Defense. Recently I learned about this new network marketing company and their unique product line. Please be sure that this is an unbiased Damsel in Defense review and I’m my intention is to provide you with facts as well as my point of view about this company.

Damsel in Defense is a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. Many people often confuse network marketing with illegal pyramid schemes. They are not an investment/securities company and they sell real products. When I started doing some research a few days ago and learned that this is perhaps the first MLM company targeting the self-defense industry. The company was founded in September 2011 by Mindy Lin and Bethany Hughes, two friends who wanted non-lethal defense products that not only offered protection but also was appealing to women.

The Damsel in Defense product line includes products like pepper spray, stun guns, emergency kits and more. This is an MLM company who’s target market is mainly women looking to be prepared for anything. There are other MLM companies out there like Avon, Mary Kay, Younique and more who are only targeted to women. The main difference with Damsel in Defense is that they are the first ones to tap into the self-defense industry which has it’s positives and negatives. (I’ll explain later below..)

But let’s talk about the Damsel in Defense compensation plan…

The reason I like to review compensation plans is because usually you can tell whether or not the average person can make money. In the case of Damsel in Defense the compensation plan is pretty straight forward, they pay 25%-30% commissions on all volume generated by your team. For example  if you have a team of 50 people in your downline you would earn 30% commissions of the volume generated by your team.

Now there are a lot of companies that pay 20-30% commissions and also companies that pay up to 75% commissions, so Damsel in Defense is not bad considering the initial fee to get started is as low as $149 to become a representative. They also offered some additional bonuses for team building.

However, while examining the pay plan I read one little line that is REALLY important that you should understand if you are considering joining Damsel in Defense as a business opportunity:

Damsel in Defense ReviewThat line above basically means that if you are not able to generate $150 in Personal Volume, meaning either you buy more products yourself or get customers who buy product from you, you will be at risk of losing any recruits in your team.

Why is that a problem?

Let me explain, 98% of people who join MLM companies are NEWBIES, meaning they have no experience in selling or direct sales. Because of the product line offered by Damsel in Defense you can’t simply re-order the packages each month because you will end up with a garage full of stun guns and pepper sprays. Instead this implies that you must be able to generate sales in order to stay ACTIVE and generate personal volume.

Which basically brings me to my last point.

Things You Should Know Before You Join Damsel in Defense:
  • You will have to sell or recruit to meet the requirement, there’s no other way around it. Because these are not vitamins, cosmetics or creams you will have to recruit or sell product within your first 90 days.
  • Most people who buy pepper sprays and stun guns prefer not to use them, these type of self defense products are designed to last years and is not something you buy on a monthly basis, so expect to have one-time customers who will buy from you once and that’s it.
  • The target market is mainly WOMEN who might be interested in self defense products or protection. This is also a factor because it limits your potential customer.
  • Be prepared to do HOME PARTIES, in order to sell these products you’ll need to explain the benefits. If home meetings/parties are not for you then it’s your choice.

In the end you must decide if this is the type of business you want to start, your ability to talk, sell and recruit will have a major factor on whether or not you can be successful in this business. I just hope my review provided you with some information and from there you can reach your own conclusions and decide what’s best for you.

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3 thoughts on “Damsel in Defense Review – 4 Warnings You Should Know

  1. suzi

    After seeing a Damsel in Defense catalog I thought the flashlight with hidden taser sounded kind of cool. Sold by DiD for $60. Saw similar product with good reviews on Amazon.com for $12.99. MLM schemes are never a good deal. I am 61 years old and have never been in a situation where, if it was kind of scary, I would have been close enough to taser someone any way. I do not know if the Empower Hour house party gives useful information in self-defense but I find it hard to believe that these moms trying to make a few bucks are qualified to teach a self defense class.
    So my help in changing the statistics is to pay too much for over-priced products I don’t want? My money would be better spent by sending a few bucks directly to the actual women’s organizations that help with these problems.
    Also no ‘ in Pros. I assume that is the plural of pro and not showing possession? Sorry, a pet peeve.

  2. Deborah Colbert

    I thought about doing this. I’m ill low income looking to offset the cost of meds along with the new diet. Now knowing this. Will this product be of any help

  3. Leslie Stone

    I’ve been contemplating joining the team .Reading reviews help thank you.


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