Clixsense Review – Scam or Waste Of Time?

By | September 24, 2014

Welcome to my Clixsense review, most likely you are here because you want to know if you can make money or not with Clixsense. I’m here to give you my honest unbiased review about this program and tell you whether is a scam or not.

What is Clixsense and how does it work?

This program has been around for years, back when I first got started online in 2008 I was hearing of people making money with clixsense, I guess we can safely say is not one of these programs that is here today and gone tomorrow. However the whole concept of clixsense is about getting paid by clicking ads. The pay to click or PTC industry online is very popular online, basically the concept behind clixsense is that they will pay you to view ads for a couple of seconds everyday. You can earn starting at 0.2 cents per ad, yes 2 cents per ad.

So if you view 10 ads per day I guess you are making an amazing 20 cents per day. Let’s be honest it’s impossible to make any real income with clixsense by just clicking ads. The real money is in the referrals, they introduced the ability for it’s members to refer other people and you earning when your referrals click their daily ads.

Can the average person make money?

The truth is even though they also offer surveys and additional tasks for you to make money, you will not be able to make a few hundreds or even thousands unless you are able to refer people. Keep in mind that is free program to join, but most people are turn off by the very low earnings you can make by clicking ads.

They have a track record in place since 2007, they also have thousands of testimonials from people who have achieved payout. But the brutal truth is that most people don’t make any money mainly because most people are unable to refer more than 3 people. Those who are able to refer hundreds or even thousands are usually the ones that are making a good residual income.

Overall I don’t recommend PTC sites since I been a member of many of them and honestly it’s a complete waste of time. I started making money online when I started to learn real marketing strategies to generate traffic and leads online. This is the best way to make money, the more you learn how to market online and generate traffic the more likely you are to succeed and generate a nice residual income.

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