Brain Abundance Review – Scam Or Just Pure Hype?

By | October 13, 2014

First of all welcome and let me be the first to say I’m glad you are doing your research. In this unbiased brain abundance review you’ll learn more about the brain fuel plus product, the compensation plan and everything in between. Now, it’s important that you know that I’m not a member of this company and this review is based on my opinion and experience in the online/network marketing industry.

Brain Abundance launched officially in January of 2014, it was a really big launch with hyped all over the place, specially on social media. Everyone on Facebook was promoting this program hard when they first launch, these days however the story is quite different. Now most of BA people I knew who were “convinced” this was the best thing since sliced bread have either quit or they have moved on to other things.

Brain Abundance Products

The main product BA has is called Brain Fuel Plus, which is according to them:

Designed to help maintain healthy brain function, Brain Fuel PLUS is the FIRST and ONLY product available ANYWHERE that combines THIRTEEN of most powerful ingredients to help feed, support, and maximize healthy brain performance.

That is quite a bold statement, but I’m not NEW to such claims. There are many companies out there who sell magic pills in a bottle. One for example is Skinny Body Care which sells weight loss pills. The network marketing space is filled with magic pills and potions, don’t get me wrong there are legitimate network marketing companies out there but there are others like Brain Abundance that make huge claims. On their website they don’t mention any PROOF or clinical studies that brain fuel plus actually does what they claim it does, and of course that product is not approved by the FDA.

The cost of one bottle of Brain Fuel Plus is $59 (plus shipping). One bottle contains 90 capsules which is supposed to last a month. But let’s discuss the MLM aspect of this company and how exactly you make money.

Brain Abundance Compensation Plan

Now when you take a look at the compensation you’ll notice one thing, the compensation plan has more details and explanations than the actual Brain Fuel Plus product page. Clearly, the focus is on the recruiting aspect of the business and very little attention and effort is put into exactly what the heck you’ll be putting in your body, because who cares about that right?

In order to become a distributor the first thing you need to do is pay a one-time $20 fee and buy one bottle of brain fuel plus. This will get you ACTIVATED, however in order to stay active you need to order one bottle every month which would give you 50BV in order to qualify to receive commissions.

The BA compensation plan offers 4 different ways to earn, retail, fast start and powerline bonuses as well. Basically you can earn $25-$75 each time you enrolled someone depending on how many bottles they buy. You also have rank advancement bonuses and honestly is too much information that you can read on their company website since they took a lot of time to make sure people know the comp plan.

Why I don’t recommend Brain Abundance

Many people want to know if Brain Abundance is a scam, well it depends on the definition of the word. Legally they are not a scam, however I would never recommend a product like Brain Fuel Plus to someone just to make a buck. But, the truth is many people who were or are currently promoting this company don’t give a damn about the product.

You often find people in the company who are struggling to generate a sale or even get referrals they end up with a bunch of boxes full of brain fuel plus. In fact a simple Ebay search pulls up hundreds of listings for brain fuel plus at 50% discounts and that’s mainly because people want to get rid of the bottles. If they don’t sell they simply end up throwing them away.

Brain Abundance Review

In order to succeed in network marketing there has to be real products and services that provide value to people, not just a bottle of pills with huge claims and no proof. There has to be balanced between real products and fair compensation plan and I honestly don’t see that in Brain Abundance.

Hopefully my review provided you with a different point of view and now you have a clear understanding on what this company is all about. Thanks for reading 😉

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