Biggest Mistakes People Make On Twitter

By | June 13, 2014

We all know the importance of social media in our business, we all want more eyeballs on our content and of course we want to build relationships with people in our niche. In this post I want to list a few things that I’ve seen people do on Twitter that whether they know it or not it could be hurting their brand and/or business.


Hopefully by reading this post you will pick up a few golden nuggets and implemented in your own Twitter marketing. Here we go:

Mistake #1: Not having a REAL picture

This is one of those things that I don’t quite understand, if you took the time to create a Twitter account why not also make sure you have a picture in there. I mean common why would I follow you if you have an egg as your profile picture? If you are serious about Twitter you need to show people you are a real person. I don’t care what your product or company might be, people buy from people not from products. If you want more traffic and build better relationships be sure you have a nice picture where people can clearly see your face.

Mistake #2: Not utilizing the latest Twitter design changes

Twitter recently decided to go with a bigger header design that gives you plenty of space, it’s like a huge online banner for you. Yet, I see people everyday on Twitter who are clearly in business not taking advantage of this. Heck, you can go on and get a nice professional looking header that displays you and what you do in a professional looking manner. Utilize the space as much as possible and stand out from the crowd.

Mistake #3: Incomplete bio or website

There are a lot of people on Twitter who are there to build business relationships. However you often see that they have an empty bio or no website link. We are in time and age where having a website is a MUST, is not a luxury. If you are in business and you are a realtor, selling insurance, network marketing, sales or whatever your business is you need to have your own website where people can learn more about you or your product.

Mistake #4: Don’t be a ROBOT

Usually when I decide whether or not I want to follow someone I like to look at their latest tweets to see what they are up to. If I see 10 tweets everyday about the same thing to read an article or visit your website I’m not bothering following you. Why would I? Don’t be a robot and post only links to your website, product or business. Keep in mind that Twitter is a social network and you need to focus on being social if you want to gain attention.

Mistake #5: Inactivity for long periods of time

If you want more followers then you need to be active, now there will always be people who say “I don’t have time for Twitter” but the truth is it takes less than 60 seconds to write a tweet. People don’t follow inactive accounts, if you only tweet every 30 days why bother even having an account. I recommend that you take the time to update your status or say whatever you want twice a day.

Mistake #6: Don’t be annoying

Tweeting too much can also be a problem, if you are one of those people that has tweet every time you go to the bathroom then I suggest you stop that. You can tweet often but that doesn’t mean people need to know EVERYTHING you do every minute.

Mistake #7: Buying a bunch of followers

This is just one of those things that doesn’t make any sense to me, why spend money to buy followers who most likely don’t give a damn about what you have to say. People often say they want lots of followers but there’s no point in doing so if your followers don’t care about your tweets. Focus on finding followers with the same interests and ideas as you because most likely you’ll connect better with those people.

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