5 Wrong Ways To Do Facebook Marketing

By | April 20, 2014

Facebook has become more than just a social network. Internet marketers are using this site as a platform to reach thousands of people and sell products, services, ebooks, business opportunities and pretty much anything you can imagine.

The problem is a lot of people are using it the wrong way. I have compiled a short list of the top 5 most ANNOYING ways you can promote/advertise on Facebook

1) Tag, your it…

You have probably been tag once or twice in a picture with a friend or family member. However, there are a few “internet marketers” who feel the need to tag you in every post, every picture and every video they upload to Facebook. The problem is most likely this person added you and most likely you don’t know him/her.

This is one of those aggressive marketing techniques you should avoid doing on Facebook, the only thing you’ll get from this is a lot of people telling you to “remove my name from this post please”

2) You are INVITED…

Perhaps one of the most hated features on Facebook, mainly because as I’m writing this article you can’t really turn it off or do anything about it. This type of marketing is one of the most hated. If you are launching a new business it might be helpful, however if you feel the need to create an event for nearly everything you do then we have a problem.

I’ve seen people create a FB event and invite thousands of people yet only about 2-3 decide to go. What makes you think this type of marketing works when you are not generating any interests?

3) Unrelated comments…

We all have pages we have liked on Facebook. It could be a Facebook page of a musician, movie, celebrity, company etc. If you have any pages that you have liked on Facebook then you probably seen the spam comments with something like:

“Hey guys if you are looking to work from home like my comment and send me a friend request for information”

The reality is that this doesn’t work, you are wasting your time and if you do get a few to respond to your SPAM then you’ll basically be teaching them to spam, as a result you’ll simply have a network of comment spammers on Facebook.

4) Facebook Ads no-no

If you are an internet marketer or you are in the home based business industry then you probably know a few successful marketers in your industry. Whether is internet marketing, affiliate marketing or network marketing you’ll always going to find a few people who create ads using a person’s name or brand without their permission. That type of marketing is unethical and a big no-no on Facebook.

Never use someone’s picture, name or brand to promote your own stuff without their approval. Specially if the person has not endorsed your product or opportunity.

5) Fake profile

Perhaps we have all accepted that friend request from someone who is pretending to be someone else. Keep in mind that most of our Facebook photos, videos and information is publicly visible to everyone. The problem is some “marketers” have created fake facebook accounts and have used pictures and videos for commercial purposes that does not belong to them.

Avoid doing this at all cost. Instead focus on creating your own unique content and share value with those that are considered your “facebook friends”

There you have it.

I hope that you have learned something from this article and I encourage you to share this article on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else you want.

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